Area, Surface Area, and Volume

Module 5: Area, Surface Area, and Volume

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length of segment

Topic A: Area of Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Polygons (6.G.A.1)

Lesson 1: Area of Parallelograms Through Rectangle Facts

LZ1058-- How to find the area of a parallelogram by relating it to a rectangle

Lesson 2: Area of Right Triangles

LZ1883-- Finding the area of a right triangle

Lesson 3-4: Area of All Triangles Using Height and Base

Video: How to find area of any triangle

Lesson 5: Area of Polygons Through Composition and Decomposition

LZ1061-- Using regular shapes to find the area of irregular polygons

Lesson 6: Area in the Real World

Problem solving using area. (1 problem)

Topic B: Polygons on the Coordinate Plane (6.G.A.3)

Lesson 7: Distance on the Coordinate Plane

LZ1068 Finding distance on a coordinate plane

Lesson 8: Drawing Polygons in the Coordinate Plane

LZ1065 Drawing Polygons using coordinates on a coordinate plane

Lesson 9: Determining Perimeter and Area of Polygons on the Coordinate Plane

LZ1066 Finding area/perimeter of polygons on a coordinate plane

Practice problems finding area and perimeter

Lesson 10: Distance, Perimeter, and Area in the Real World

Area/perimeter word problems

Quadrilateral area/perimeter problems- practice


Looking at surface area and volume- viewing 3D shapes

Topic C: Volume of Right Rectangular Prisms (6.G.A.2)

Lesson 11: Volume with Fractional Edge Lengths and Unit Cubes

LZ1799-- Review: Count cubes to find Volume

LZ1062-- Volume of rectangular prism using cubes

Volume of rectangular prism with fractional measurements

Volume with fractional units-- practice problems

Lesson 12: From Unit Cubes to Formulas for Volume

LZ1063-- Volume of rectangular prism by developing a formula

Lesson 13: The Formulas for Volume

Formulas for several 3D shapes

Lesson 14: Volume in the Real World

Word problems: Rectangular prisms

Word problems- Practice

Topic D: Nets and Surface Area (6.G.A.2, 6.G.A.4)

Lesson 15: Representing Three-Dimensional Figures Using Nets

LZ1219- Identifying 3D figures with nets

Identifying 3D figures using nets- practice

Great site to explore mentally folding up nets to make a cube

Explore several 3D shapes and nets

Lesson 16: Constructing Nets

LZ1220- Rectangular prisms

LZ1223- Triangular prisms

Site to view 3D objects and their nets

Create your own nets

Lesson 17: From Nets to Surface Area

LZ1221- Using congruent faces to find surface area of a rectangular prism

LZ1222- Surface area of rectangular prisms

LZ1224- Surface area of triangular prisms

Video- Using nets to find surface area

Using nets to find surface area- practice

Lesson 18: Determining Surface Area of Three-Dimensional Figures

See videos in lesson 17

Video, virtual manipulative, question set, and problems to work out at this site

Finding surface area- practice

Lesson 19: Surface Area and Volume in the Real World

LZ1226- Word problems involving surface area

LZ1486- Using area, surface area, and volume

Lesson 19a: Add-on Lesson for modeling-- Applying Surface Area and Volume to Aquariums (optional lesson)