Player Rezonance: How Rez's Audiovisual Game Design Influences Player Behavior (2014)

Master's Thesis exploring the effects of audiovisual design on player behavior.

User study using think-aloud protocol.

Executive Summary

Full Manuscript

GeoAcres (2010)

Game entry for the National STEM Video Game Design Competition

Designing educational game for mobile devices

My contributions: game mechanics, character design, reward system, sound design.

Full Manuscript

Virtual Metagames: How World of Warcraft Users Create Spontaneous Play (2010)

Paper examining the way players develop their own forms of play within WoW

Current manuscript

Gameplay Analysis Project (2009)

Calit2 Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Developed methodology for analyzing visual aspects of games with respect to interactivity

Poster presented at 2009 SIGGRAPH conference

Game Narrative Project (2008)

Independent study with Professor Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Examined the results of implementing narrative in a digital framework

Findings published in the book Expressive Processing: Digital Fictions, Computer Games and Software Studies (Excerpt)