Smith Research Group

Welcome to the Smith Group - University of Reading

Cogent Chemistry

Dr Christopher D. Smith

Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

University of Reading

We are a Synthetic Group with interests in continuous flow, particularly 'Flowtochemistry' (flow & photochemistry) including our EPSRC First Grant: Asymmetric Catalytic Photochemistry. where we have made everything from drugs to metal nano-particles in a continuous manner. We also work on ligands such as CyMe4-BTPhen for element separations of importance to the Nuclear Industry and are a part of the EPSRC consortium: ATLANTIC: Accident ToLerANT fuels In reCycling. We are also looking into developing new applications for transitional metal catalysis, reactive intermediates and fluorination.


Tel: +44 (0) 118 378-6312

Associate Editor - Cogent Chemistry