Legislative Advocacy

Read the attached Letter to the Editor printed in the Unionville Times about the stalled Safe Harbor Bill: 
Write a letter of your own to your PA Representative!

How to Help PA's Trafficked Children:
Children under the age of 18 in Pennsylvania, who are victims of sex trafficking, can be charged with the crime of prostitution as well as related crimes associated with prostitution.  

Safe Harbor legislation seeks to decriminalize child sex trafficking victims.  Many states throughout the U.S. have enacted Safe Harbor laws already, but Pennsylvania has not.  

It is time for our Commonwealth to join the growing movement to decriminalize children who are sex trafficking victims and to provide them with the support and resources they need and deserve. 

Ask your elected officials in Pennsylvania to support Safe Harbor legislation (Senate Bill 851, and a companion House bill soon to be released) by calling, writing or emailing your state senator and representative.  When calling or writing, you can simply use the information above to state your position and make your request.

To find your legislator's contact information, please visit www.legis.state.pa.us or simply search "find my legislator pa".
Act 105, Pennsylvania's comprehensive law that helps victims of human trafficking, prosecutes the criminals, and helps to prevent trafficking from occurring within our state, was recently signed ceremonially by Governor Corbett.  Senator Greenleaf, seated to the Governor's right, sponsored the bill, which was unanimously approved in both the House and Senate.