Get Involved

Watch! Watch this short PSA, produced by CCAT member Darren Brown, to learn more about local domestic servitude:

Watch! Watch this TEDx video to find out the real costs of human trafficking and how you might change a victim or survivor's life:

Listen Up - In 30 seconds, learn some signs of human trafficking and what to do if you suspect a case within the U.S. You could save someone's life. Click here to listen.

Get Involved – Help End Human Trafficking

Adapted from Facing the Monster: How One Person Can Fight Child Slavery, by Carol Hart Metzker, 2012. Learning that modern slavery/human trafficking exists worldwide and in our county can feel shocking, overwhelming and insurmountable. But this is not an unsolvable problem! You can fight these terrible acts with small and large-scale solutions.

  • Start a conversion among friends, and within your faith-based, civic, professional or social organizations. Raise awareness: slavery exists and must be ended.

  • Ask for a presentation or speech. Seek out seminars about human trafficking from, CCAT (Chester County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition), Chester County Crime Victims’ Center (610-692-1926), local universities, churches and the Salvation Army.

  • Determine how many slaves could be making your life easy by visiting Take the survey; learn the facts.

  • Learn the signs of human trafficking at Polaris. If you suspect human trafficking, call the National Hotline for tipsters and victims: 1-888-3737-888. Join an established group of abolitionists: CCAT (Chester County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition), Rotarian Action Group Against Child Slavery, or one of the many faith-based groups in Chester County.

  • Make a donation to a non-profit organization that has expertise and experience helping survivors. Check that an organization is credible and doing what they claim to do with donations; then contribute!

  • Donate gently worn dresses and jewelry to the fundraiser for survivor projects, Dress for a Good Cause. Shop or volunteer at an event.

  • Buy fair-trade products. Connect with the active Fair Trade Committee in nearby Media, PA. For more information, visit

  • Call or write your elected officials to let them know how important you think it is to stop human trafficking. To find out what is happening legislatively, visit the Polaris website or contact us at

  • Fight root causes with projects—fight illiteracy, poverty and hunger by helping children read, helping youth and adults learn job skills and supporting the Chester County Food Bank.

  • Read the following books, available on loan from the Chester County Library System: Facing the Monster by Metzker, Ending Slavery by Bales, Sold by McCormick, and A Crime So Monstrous by Skinner.

  • Write to corporations for whom you are a customer or shareholder. Ask how they are working to ensure that slave labor is not part of their supply chain. Build a relationship with a child or teen that could be at risk for harm.

  • Volunteer at a youth center. The care you show might be the reason a young person stays in school, decides not to run away from home, or does not end up in a vulnerable situation.

“The fight to end slavery will take cooperation and commitment from people of all walks of life, all neighborhoods and lands, all faiths, and all political backgrounds. It will take people with a range of talents and skills. There is room for your creativity, your unique way of solving problems, and your special gifts.” Please join us. For more information about the book, visit