Recent and upcoming talks

"Mechanistic models in economics and the prospects for interdisciplinary integration." UNED, Madrid, February 2018


"Making progress horizontally: the case of prospect theory." CEAR Workshop - Prospect Theory as a Model of Risky Choice: Descriptive and Normative Assessments, Cork. 

"Making progress horizontally." INEM, San Sebastian.

"What is mechanistic evidence and why do we need it for policy?" Models and Explanations in Economics, Rostock (with S. Reijula).


 "What is mechanistic evidence and why do we need it for (behavioral) policy?" Current Trends in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences III, Helsinki, 8 December (with Samuli Reijula).

“How do mechanisms justify evidence-based policy?” 1st Bayreuth workshop in Philosophy of Economics, November 2016 (with Samuli Pöyhönen).

"Challenging the mechanistic view in psychiatry", Philosophy of Science Association, Atlanta, November 2016.

"Challenging the mechanistic view in psychiatry", Helsinki Symposium on Philosophy of Psychiatry, July 2016.

"Building confidence in model-based inferences", Workshop on Models and Explanation in Economics, Innsbruck.

"Mechanisms, explanation and confirmation in theoretical economics", Explanation, Normativity and Uncertainty in Economic Modelling, LSE, March 2016.


"The long journey from psychological theory to behavioural policy - and back" , INEM, South Africa (with Samuli Pöyhönen).

"Economic models, robust results and causal explanation", Causality and Modelling in the Sciences, Madrid.

"Economic modelling of mechanisms and scientific integration", STOREP, Turin.

"Evaluating boosts and nudges as policy tools", SPSP, Aarhus (with Markus Feufel and Till Grüne-Yanoff).

"Challenges to the mechanistic model in psychiatry", Research Seminar - Philosophy, University of Helsinki.


"Evaluating boosts and nudges as policy tools", Economics and Psychology in Historical Perspective, Paris (with Markus Feufel and Till Grüne-Yanoff).

"Unity of Science in a Scale-Free Universe", Author-Meets-Critics on Thalos, M. (2013): Without Hierarchy, Helsinki.

"Evidential variety and the triangulation of phenomena", Annual Conference of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science (with Jaakko Kuorikoski).

"Fitting the template for use: the case of network theory", Mathematizing Science, University of East Anglia, Norwich.

"Triangulation of phenomena", Evidence in Science and Epistemology, University of Helsinki (with Jaakko Kuorikoski).

"Triangulation of phenomena", CamPoS, University of Cambridge (with Jaakko Kuorikoski).