email: caterina.marchionni at helsinki dot fi

I am University Lecturer in Practical Philosophy and member of TINT, Centre for Philosophy of the Social Sciences, University of Helsinki (TINT).

I work on scientific models, explanation, interdisciplinarity and evidence in the context of economics and other social sciences.

I am currently one of the Associate Editors of the Journal of Economic Methodology (JEM).


  • I'll be a commentator at the Epistemic Risk session at APA central 2021.

  • New deadline for submitting to the Topical Collection on Reactivity in the Human Sciences: August 31, 2021. Full cfp.

  • Call for abstracts for Helsinki workshop on Reactivity, Prediction and Intervention is out. Deadline: April 16, 2021

  • A call for papers on the topic of reactivity for the European Journal of Philosophy of Science is out. Because of changes in the workshop schedules, the submission window will be extended.

Contact Address

Practical Philosophy

P.O. Box 24

(Unioninkatu 40a)

SF- 00014 University of Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland