Welcome to my homepage

I am an economist with 17 years of professional and academic experience in diverse policy environments.

Currently I am affiliated with the Center for European Studies (within University of Milan-Bicocca).

My research interests span across macroeconomics, labour economics, international and public finance, applied econometrics. Here you can see my published articles and some recent research projects.

Featured articles:

"Strategic interactions of fiscal policies in Europe: a global VAR perspective", with Dionisis Philippas, in Journal of International Money and Finance, (2015)

<accepted version>; Data link to AMECO vintage 2014 spring, available from www.FIRSTRUN.eu

"A fast forward look at tertiary education attainment in Europe 2020" (Open Access) with Leandro Elia and Anke Weber, in Journal of Policy Modeling, (2015)

<slides presented at the CEDEFOP conference in Feb. 2015>

"Trading off accuracy for speed: Hedge Funds' decision making under uncertainty", with D. Philippas and M. Tsionas, International Review of Financial Analysis, (2021)

<accepted version>