1. Bio (Summary)      

Yves Caseau is the head of the Digital Agency of the AXA Group. The Digital Agency, in line with AXA's digital strategy, develops digital products and services for the Group entities, with a focus on mobile applications and connected objects, an fosters customer-centric innovation following the Lean Startup principles.

Yves was Bouygues Telecom's EVP in charge of New Products and Innovation until February 2014. His key responsibility was to design and to build "triple play" products (gateways and set-top boxes). He was the chief executive for "Bbox sensation" which was launched in June 2012. He was also in charge of service innovation, service architecture, R&D, technology intelligence and open innovation. His innovation strategy may be described as a "Lean Innovation Factory", also following the principles of Eric Ries's "Lean Startup".

He was Bouygues Telecom's CIO from 2001 until 2006. As Chief Information Officer, Yves Caseau was in charge of the overall strategy and development of the IT divisions of Bouygues Telecom. His main task was the re-engineering of the back-office through EAI (entreprise bus) and BPM (business process management) technologies. 

His main scientific interests are open system architecture, game theory, complex systems and business activity models (from cost forecast to market simulation), including stochastic and game-theoretical models. From a more general perspective, his themes of interest include organization theory, social networks, CMC (computer-mediated communication) and information flows.

Until November 1st, 2001, Yves Caseau was the corporate Director of New Technologies at Bouygues (Corporate Headquarters) and Director of the Bouygues "e-Lab", providing key technologies and vision to Broadcast and Telecom subsidiaries of the Bouygues Group. Dr. Caseau has been a major contributor to strategic tasks such as the re-engineering of the IT systems architecture of Bouygues Telecom or the on-line optimization of advertising revenue.

Prior to joining Bouygues in 1994, Dr. Caseau was a Research Director at Telcordia (formerly Bellcore). He is a worldwide reputation expert on hybrid algorithms for combinatorial optimization. His work has led to two patents and many world-class optimization software, such as workforce and routing optimization. He has taught several courses about optimization and constraint programming.
Yves Caseau lead several research programs at Bellcore and Alcatel Telecom R&D center where he started his career. He published more than 50 papers on various scientific innovations, covering a large field from combinatorial optimization to compiler design. He is also the designer of the CLAIRE programming language, a language for solving optimization problems which is used in different research laboratories as well as software companies.

A former student of the "Ecole Normale Supérieure" (82), he holds a PhD in Computer Science from Paris XI University (87) and an "habilitation" from Paris VII University (95), as well as a MBA from the "College des Ingénieurs".

Yves Caseau is a member of the National Academy of Technologies and the "Académie Catholique de France".

A more detailed bio may be found here or on my LinkedIn profile.

2. Perso

An almost complete bibliography is compiled on the DBPL site. From it, you may derive my historical list of topics of interest. For instance, I have a strong interest on topics such as rule-based languages and object-oriented programming. More recent papers deals with enterprise architecture, application integration and "autonomic middleware".

I wrote a first book on "Enterprise Architecture, SOA and Business Process Management" in 2005 (Dunod), which tells the story of "urbanisation" at Bouygues Telecom between 1999 and 2005.

I wrote a second book "Information System Performance" (Dunod) that came out in February 2007. Part of this book deals about enterprise organization and information flows, a topic for which I have opened a blog (a summary in French may be found here). This second book is available in English under the title "Information Technology for the chief executive". The new (second) edition is entitled "Le SI démystifié".

My third book, "Business processes and Enterprise 2.0", was published in 2011 and received the "best quality and performance book" award.

This is my research agenda. Since I have much less free time than in the past, I have restricted myself to a few "active" subjects  (my previous research agendas for 20042007 and 2010) :

  • GTES (Game-theoretical evolutionary simulation)
  • Market Equilibriums (with a focus on telecommunication markets)
  • Simulation of Information Flows and Organizational Architecture (SIFOA)
  • Lean Enterprise 2.0 and Lean (Innovation or Software) Factories 
I have become more and more interested about autonomic computing and intelligent autonomous distributed systems. Hence, I have opened a second blog on this topic (the "biology of distributed systems"). Contrary to my first blog, this one is written in English. It evolves more slowly now that I am no longer a CIO, but I keep a keen interest with information systems, which I have lectured about at Ecole Polytechnique for a while.  

hobbies: writing books, simulation software and the CLAIRE language.  My main job, at this stage of the CLAIRE project, is fixing bugs ... once in a while. I am more into finite-event simulations and various kinds of weird models these days (see my research agenda). I have a few non-technical hobbies such as cooking or playing (poorly) the piano. I like sports (mountain bike, swimming, skiing, jogging) but my back disagrees with me ... so I had to stop martial arts which I really loved.