Genevieve Perrin

Weaver, Sewer, Archer, Retainer

Persona: Daughter of a Welsh tin merchant who was stolen by the warlord Sir Boris Movila while they were in the Black Sea on business.

Protege to Mistress Chai'usun

A&S Projects: See the photo slide show below.

Official Awards:

  • Midrealm:
    • Purple Fret (Service)
  • Barony of Flaming Gryphon:
    • Gryphon's Plume (A&S)

Allegiances: "On Watch" with Khanate Singing Horse, Dark Horde Moritu

Offices: Exchequer - Barony of Flaming Grypyhon 2015 -

Thuban Herald, 2010 - 2013