20180806 First prototypes of "Balanced Cities"

Post date: Aug 8, 2018 7:21:24 AM

It is hot, hot, hot in Rotterdam. We are experiencing the warmest, driest summer of current times. Is this the future of our cities? Intense rains and intense heatwaves? Decreasing livelihood in cities?

Decision makers do realise the problems with climate change in cities. And increasingly we make masterplans and blueprints for sustainable cities. However, we barely seem to get the things under control. Profits to be made in real estate development and pressures from housing crises make people short-sighted. Reality is fighting back.

@Carthago Consultancy, @H2Ruimte, @FloodCom and the @Hogeschool Rotterdam are developing “Stedelijk Evenwicht” (balanced city), a board game on exactly these dynamics. How to develop sustainable cities while recognising the competing interests in urban dynamics?