Couples, Parenting & Groups


Often couple counselling can enable parents to resolve differences in parenting styles so that a united front can be presented to children. Sometimes it is more helpful to meet with the whole family.

Very young children and teenagers, like adults, can at times find it difficult to express appropriately what they are feeling inside. The transition from childhood to adulthood in puberty can be a particularly difficult one for young people as they are coming to terms with physical and emotional changes. They are desperately needing support, but often present as moody and difficult. They begin to be influenced by peer groups and this can cause conflict within the family as they begin to develop their individual identities.

The parenting role is one of the most important we will ever have and yet many of us begin it knowing little about what to expect. Whatever the age of the child, It is often exhausting, frustrating and challenging, as well as satisfying and rewarding to be a parent. When working with parents and their children, I never forget that you ultimately know them better than I do. My role is to offer an environment where both parents and children have an opportunity to be heard and to listen to the other(s) and to learn new ways of communicating that bring them closer together, rather than push them further apart.

Each session lasts one hour and will take place weekly at first moving into fortnightly as the work progresses. Some couples-groups-families find a few sessions are enough, while others require longer term work.

We all find ourselves in different groups throughout our lives, often beginning with the family. Working with a therapist can enable us to understand more about the patterns of emotion that drive our behaviour within those groups.


I work with a variety of couples, including, adults who are living together, adults who live apart, Those who have chosen marriage or civil partnerships, brothers and sisters, parents and their children, work colleagues and friends.


I work with a variety of groups including, families, work based groups, neighbours and any other group where communication has broken down and the experience of working with an independent therapist might be beneficial to all concerned.

Almost all relationships, regardless of their structure, will run into difficulties at some point. This can be as a result of many different factors, for example, jealousy, poor communication, pressure from friends or family, betrayal, financial concerns, loss of employment, an affair, ill health, sexual difficulties or differences in personalities and perspectives. .

Whatever the difficulty, each person brings with them into the relationship, a unique history based on their social background, personal values, own personality and individual perspectives on particular situations which shapes how they are in relation to others. Inevitably at times, the differences can lead to conflict. Often difficulties can be easily resolved from within the relationship. Sometimes the difficulties are such that it is necessary to involve a third person, a skilled therapist who can facilitate the changing of established maladaptive patterns of behaviour.

My role is to provide a confidential, empathetic, warm, professional environment where you can be listened to while you listen to yourself or yourselves respectfully.

With an understanding of the unique functioning of your relationship we can work together to develop positive communication based on personal responsibility, respect, understanding and appreciation of each other.

Paramount for me is what is going on in the relationship between the individuals, rather than within one individual. I believe that there is no benefit in apportioning blame on one or the other as this can lead to the victimisation of one party and will not be constructive to the relationship or the individual.

It is likely that both or all of you will attend all sessions from the beginning.

However, in certain circumstances I might meet each person individually at first, or at some point at a later date during the counselling, if it is felt by everyone concerned that this would benefit the relationship as a whole.

Fees: £60 per session for couples counselling and £70 for family counselling. Group session fees vary dependent upon group size.