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Paperback: $12.99 (ISBN: 978-0974289151)

This collection of short fiction, selected from award-winning anthologies and literary journals, brings you some of my favorite, heartfelt stories with a mix of joy and sadness, love and loss, celebrations of all seasons, and a bit of mystery and magic. As it takes you through the year, I hope it will touch your heart, give you a laugh, and perhaps inspire you.

Here's my debut novel. I hope you enjoy it. (If you do, please feel free to review it!)
Paperback: $15.99 (ISBN-13:  978-0974289137)
Ebook: $3.99 (ISBN-13:  978-0974289144)

Finalist for 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Award and 2018 Silver Falchion Award

Early September is a time for new beginnings in a college town, and Gracie McIntyre braces for hers.

Gracie left the practice of law eighteen years ago, after losing a client to an apparent murder/suicide. Since then, she’s been a stay-at-home mom and part-time professor at the local college. Now that her son has gone off to university and her daughter has started high school, she is ready for a new adventure. But opening a new-and-used book shop gives her more than she bargains for. 

Days after her grand opening, she finds a threatening message outside her door. When she refuses to heed the warning, violence escalates. What’s worse, 
she suspects a police officer might be the culprit. She soon realizes she’s on her own to find a way to save her store—and possibly her life. 

Featuring a cast of memorable characters, and bringing together a love of books, New England charm, and the challenge of a good puzzle, DEATH IN GLENVILLE FALLS will keep you turning pages right up to the surprising conclusion.

I have one or more short stories in each of these anthologies:

Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC (October, 2018)
Finalist, 2019 Silver Falchion Award
I have four stories in this collection of paranormal stories.
Paperback: $17.95 (ISBN-13: 978-0989265041
Ebook: $3.99 (ASIN:  B07J1YRNHG)
dited by Kaye George--Wildside Press (July, 2017)
My story, "The Dark Side of the Light" appears in this anthology,
On the same day as the total solar eclipse, a husband and wife, who had each kept the other "in the dark" about some life-altering information, reveal their secrets to each other. But it does not follow that being "enlightened" necessarily leads to happiness. In fact, there can be a dark side of the light.
Paperback: $14.99 (ISBN-13: 978-1479427833)
Ebook: $5.99 (ASIN: B073YDGSL5)

Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group, (March, 2017)
My story, "Connecting the Dots," appears in this collection
Paperback: $7.95 (ISBN-13: 978-1542831918)
ebook: $0.99 (ASIN: B072M31FFV)

Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC (November, 2016)
I have two stories in this collection of stories for children from pre-school through middle school. One is a preschool picture book, and the other is a middle grade historical about Belsnickel--a Pennsylvania Dutch version of Santa Claus!
Paperback: $18.95 (ISBN: 978-0989265034)

Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group (March, 2016)
I have one story in this anthology, collected by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group
Paperback: $7.99 (ISBN-13: 978-0692644270)
ebook: $2.99 (ASIN: B01ETJPF5W)
Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC, (November, 2015) 
Finalist, 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
I have two stories in this anthology of food-themed stories. One is about a woman remembering her grandmother's vegetable soup--and the time they spent together.
Paperback: $14.95 (ISBN-13:  978-0989265027)
ebook: $3.99 (ASIN: B01M6VC40Z)

Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC, (February, 2015)
These stories have all appeared in Bethlehem Writers Roundtable ( and have a winter theme. I have one story in this anthology.
Paperback: $8.99 (ISBN-13: 978-1518832062)
ebook: $0.99 (ASIN: B00TT7V2MA)

Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC, (September, 2013) 
Finalist for Best Anthology, 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
I have one story, "My First Red Sox Game," in this anthology
Paperback: $14.95 (ISBN-13: 978-0989265003)
ebook: $3.99 (ASIN: B00PI6BX5M)

Bethlehem Writers Group (September, 2009) 
Honorable Mention--2010 DIY Book Awards
I have three stories in this award-winning collection of holiday stories--BWG's bestseller! You can read one of them here.
Paperback: $14.95 (ISBN-13: 978-0989265010)
ebook: $3.99 (ASIN: B00TAASINW)