Bethlehem Writers Group

Members of the Bethlehem Writers Group in 2009 (from left to right)
Back row: Emily P. W. Murphy, Paul Weidknecht, Will Wright, Cindy Kelly, Ralph Hieb, Carol L. Wright,  and Courtney Annicchiarico
Front row: Jeff Baird, Carol A. Hanzl Birkas, JoAnn Schaffer, Sally Paradysz.
Cyrrent members not pictured: Peter Barbour, A.E. Decker, Bernadette De Courcey, Larry Deibert, Marianne H. Donley,  Headley Hauser, DT Kripene, Jerome W. McFadden., Christopher Ochs, Dianna Sinovic, Diane Sismour, Russ Uhler, Kidd Wadsworth,
The Bethlehem Writers Group (BWG) is an association of mutuallysupportive fiction and nonfiction writers. They meet regularly to improve their craft. In addition to their award-winning anthologies, they publish a quarterly online literary journal, the Bethlehem Writers Roundtable (, run an annual Short Story Award competition, and now offer workshops to help aspiring writers on their journey. For more information, visit their website at: