V Alain Cardon

Artificial consciousness

I present on this site the state of my research on a model generating artificial consciousness facts for a system functioning from a continuous informational flow. The problem of the artificial thought, i.e. the problem of the generation of intentional artificial facts of consciousness, constitutes a new research field, different of the strict framework of current scientific disciplines, which are very specialized.

It was a question, for me, of designing a computable model, one can implement. The model is based on a constructivist thought theory. It is a computable and geometrical model making an appreciation of dynamic set of co-active process and producting emergent states. The specifications of construction of the system are not published yet.

Such researches are not neutral ones and are not reduced to a simple technological application. The fine comprehension of the generation of intentional consciousness facts with all their characters allowing reproducibility in the virtual domain of computation, is an hard problem.

My project is nevertheless to use this model to carry out the first information processing system allowing control autonomous, intentional, reasoned, co-evaluated, significant, of a robotized unit placed in an unspecified environment. It is a question of equipping with distributed material architectures, with the behavior to now reactive, of one artificial Self, with a feeling to think leading to a real questioning, with the emotions and feelings which join it.

The science of the models and the complex systems, if confined today, is finally quite different from the simple observation of reality, and this research wants to prove it.

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