Capoeira Resistência is also in Charlottesville - Classes are taught by Instrutor Saçi!!

About Instrutor Saçi

Reggie Harrison (Saçi) started training capoeira as a student at Rutgers University in 2007. Several years after graduating college, Saçi moved to Charlottesville, VA and started training with Capoeira Resistência. After years of dedication to Capoeira Resistência and intense training under the direct tutelage of Professor Balanço and Mestre Panão, Saçi was promoted to the rank of Instrutor in November 2022 and is now leading classes for Capoeira Resistência Charlottesville, VA.

Contact Info: or (201) 647-7253

Class Schedule

Monday: 5:30 PM (Kids), 6:30 PM (Adults)

Thursday: 5:30 PM (Kids), 6:30 PM (Adults)

Sunday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (All Ages)


Fry's Spring Beach Club

2512 Jefferson Park Ave.

Charlottesville, VA 22903

Prices (First class is free for those new to capoeira!)

Monthly payment: $100 per month (Adults and Kids), $75 (College Students)

Payment per class: $15 per class (Adults and Kids), $10 per class (College Students)


Payments are taken for single class payments at the beginning of class or for monthly payments the 1st of every month via:

  • Cash

  • Venmo

  • Cash App

  • Zelle

Please contact Reggie Harrison (Instrutor Saçi) if you have any questions: Email: or Call: (201) 647-7253.