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Canaan UMC Homecoming 1st Sunday in August yearly

Alternating months at First UMC & Canaan UMC

Sunday Worship Service: 10:30am

2022 Month of August <-> Worship at Canaan UMC Map for Canaan

2022 Month of July<-> Worship at First UMC Map for First UMC

Pastor; Russell Brownworth

Canaan United Methodist Church - History / Photos

2500 Canaan Church rd. Denton,N.C. 27239 map to Canaan

First United Methodist Church

376 s. main st. Denton NC Map for First UMC

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Ph#: 336 685 1722 - PO Box 1792 Prayer Page Online

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A Bible Reading Plan before Easter<-> Joel - Amos - Micah - Habakkuk - Zechariah - Malachi - Letter of Romans - Gospel of Mark

After Reading a Book, write down what speaks to you or troubles you then Pray about it.

NEW-YouTube Audio of Matthew Weaver Music at First UMC Homecoming Sept.9th.,2018

NEW-2018 Canaan UMC Homecoming YouTube Music Worship with Larry Chason

Christmas Books Suggestions by Rev. Dennis Sheppard

Video Sermons on YouTube - - Audio Sermons / Bible Study on Clyp -- Daily Thoughts by Dennis

Why Would We trade, Message by Rev.Dennis Sheppard

"You Cannot Stop God", Jeremiah 1:4-10 , Luke 13: 10-17, Aug.21st. 2016

" The Crisis We Face" , Scripture: Isaiah 5: 1-7, Luke 12: 49-56,Aug. 14th.2016

Canaan Calendar ~ Story of Jesus,The birth of the King Audio

Jesus Full Movie (a true story)

2010 First and Canaan United Methodist Church Directory.pdf

Wink and Chris Turner moves to Texas Sept. 20th.,2019. New Address: 1242 Lakeview Drive, Anna Tx. 75409