Canaan-First UMC "United Churches"

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Alternating months at First UMC & Canaan UMC
Sunday Worship Service: 10:30am  -  Sunday School: 9:30am        
2020 Month of April <->  Sunday School and Worship at Canaan UMC Map for Canaan
2020 Month of May  <-> Sunday School and Worship at First UMC  Map for First UMC
                                                         Pastor: Dr. Dennis R. Sheppard
 Canaan United Methodist Church  -  History / Photos

First United Methodist Church
376 s. main st. Denton NC     Map for First UMC

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A Bible Reading Plan before Easter<-> Joel - Amos - Micah - Habakkuk - Zechariah - Malachi - Letter of Romans - Gospel of Mark
After Reading a Book, write down what speaks to you or troubles you then  Pray about it.