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Camp D.O.A. Burning Man

Camp D.O.A is a Burning Man theme camp, hosted by an exciting, fun-loving group of rock climbers, mountaineers, canyoneers, backpackers, skiers, kayakers and, of course, Burners! We offer music, conversation, dancing, hooping, and a shady spot to relax with a glass of wine or champagne.  So come in, have a seat, and share with us the decadent outdoor adventures you like to do while you enjoy the best wine and champagne in Black Rock City!!
• To date, Camp D.O.A has supported these art projects for 2014.

• Each year, Camp D.O.A. is proud to participate in Feed the Artists or something similar to treat a few artist that have worked so hard.

2014 - We're looking forward to another great Burn!  Come visit us!

These Camp D.O.A. venues look forward to having a lot of fun and great times serving 100's of Burners:

  •  Peritwinkle's -- serving specialty drinks during the day.

We can't wait to do it again this year!

  2013 - Camp D.O.A. had another great year with some awesome new members. Back to our 2011 location on 3 & GDP with a much wider G street allowing Art Cars to swing by frequently. What a treat!

  2012 - Camp D.O.A.'s village had a bunch of events and therefore placed in an ideal location! Closer to the esplanade we were a big hit on 3:00 and Dandelion!

  2011 - Camp D.O.A. grew into a small village and was a hit once again!

  2010 - Our first Theme Camp was a hit!

Having an excellent time sharing decadence with the citizens of Black Rock City, NV (2010).

Burners enjoying great wines at One Eyed Jack's Tavern (2011).

Good morning!

Burning Man is an annual art event and temporary community based on radical self expression and self reliance in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.  For an excellent description, see: http://www.themodernnomad.com/2011/principles-of-burning-man/