About us

We are a team of researchers based at the University of Cambridge who work on language development and bilingualism in children and adults.

We are inspired by initiatives in the UK where academics (at Bangor, Birkbeck, Goldsmiths, Reading, Newcastle and elsewhere) are sharing state-of-the-art research on bilingualism with local and national communities. Most notably, we are inspired by the success of Bilingualism Matters in Edinburgh, with whom we are working in a closer partnership.

Since our launch event in June 2010, we have organized two public events each year, bringing together researchers, parents, practitioners and professionals who share an interest in multilingualism. Visit our Events page for upcoming and past activities, and join our network to hear about future events. We're also involved in other research and collaboration projects - and you can find out more on our news page.

What we offer

We are always pleased to visit schools, nurseries, and other organizations and community groups, to talk about growing up with more than one language. If you would like to organize such an event, please contact us at cambiling(at)gmail.com to discuss how we can serve your community. We would love to hear from you!

Our team