Welcome to the Cambridge Bilingualism Network

Welcome to the homepage of the Cambridge Bilingualism Network! We're an initiative set up by researchers at the University of Cambridge who work with people of all ages and backgrounds who speak more than one language. We know that raising and educating children to speak two or more languages doesn't just happen by itself. Our aim is to increase awareness about the benefits and challenges of bilingualism by sharing state-of-the-art research findings. We are also fostering partnerships between researchers, teachers, clinicians and parents of bilingual children by building interactive support networks whose members can ask and answer questions and share resources.

Our initiative is relevant to parents and professionals across the UK but it also has a strong regional focus, celebrating the linguistic and cultural diversity of Cambridgeshire. We are proud to have received a Social Entrepreneurship Catalyst Award from HEFCE and UnLtd in support of our aims.

Take a look around our website to find information about upcoming events and news. Or why not join our network to receive updates?

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June 2022: More resources on We Speak Multi

You can now view a webinar on multilingualism and wellbeing for teachers on our We Speak Multi website: We Speak Multi - For teachers

March 2022: CBN researchers on Kletshead podcast

CBN researchers Dr Napoleon Katsos and Dr Elspeth Wilson talked about their research about multilingualism and family wellbeing with Sharon Unsworth at the fantastic Kletshead podcast: check out the podcast, and the whole series covering many different aspects of multilingual development, here: Well-being in bilingual families.