I have taught a variety of different types of students, ranging from UMD-College Park, CUNY-City College, and Yale undergraduates to mid-career graduate students in Dubai to advanced middle and elementary school students at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY). My teaching emphasizes active learning strategies to engage and motivate students. For example, I taught the popular “World Politics” course at The City University of New York (City College), which serves as an introduction for further undergraduate coursework in the subfields of comparative politics and international relations. I redesigned the class to include behavioral economics games, Prisoner’s Dilemma role-playing scenarios, and TV or film clips—including from “Game of Thrones,” “The Walking Dead,” and “The Hunger Games”—to add interactivity to lectures. I also bring my lectures to life with detailed, contemporary examples, drawing from my fieldwork in the Middle East and experiences working in international development in Vietnam and the Balkans.

In teaching, my overarching goal is to build a strong base of content knowledge; help students develop their own well-reasoned and evidence-based views; and sharpen critical thinking skills, without sacrificing tolerance and a passion for problem-solving. I am a member of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) and the Gulf Comparative Education Society (GCES).

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Teaching Experience

University of Maryland - College Park, 2015 - the present

  • Comparative Politics of the Middle East (undergraduate, Spring 2016, Spring 2018)
  • International Political Relations (undergraduate, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Spring 2019)
  • Authoritarianism (Spring 2019)

City College of New York (CUNY), 2013 - 2015

  • World Politics (undergraduate, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015)
  • Transnational Networks in International Relations (undergraduate, Spring 2014)

Dubai School of Government, 2011

Instructor for “Comparative and International Politics of the Middle East and North Africa,” a graduate course that I designed, while still a Ph.D. candidate at Yale and conducting my fieldwork abroad, for master’s degree students (with Noora Lori). Created syllabus, gave lectures, led discussions, and emphasized active learning strategies, such as behavioral economics games and a Jeopardy game show on the politics and history of the region to help students prepare for the midterm.

Yale University, 2009-2013

Teaching Assistant for three undergraduate courses (taught sections, graded tests, assessed research papers):

  • International Security—with Matthew Kocher (Spring 2013)
  • International Relations—with Jolyon Howorth (Fall 2012)
  • Politics of the Middle East and North Africa (writing intensive)—with Ellen Lust (Fall 2010)
  • International Relations—with Jolyon Howorth (Fall 2009)

Johns Hopkins University, Center for Talented Youth (CTY), 2003

Teaching Assistant for two college-level courses offered to very bright middle and high school students, selected through a nationwide talent search:

  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Computer Science), Franklin and Marshall College.
  • Logic: Principles of Reasoning (Philosophy), Loyola Marymount University.

Teaching Interests

Comparative Politics; Middle East Politics; International Relations; Nationalism & Citizen Formation; Political Identity; Political Behavior in the Middle East; Political Socialization and Learning; Social Engineering and its Critics; Comparative Authoritarianism; International Security; Terrorism; Transnational Networks in Global Politics; Research Design & Methodology; Effects of Media on Political Attitudes; and Arab Education Reform.

Teaching Evaluations

Below are evaluations of my teaching from students at City College and Yale. At City College, I taught the introductory lecture course, "World Politics," which serves as an introduction to the fields of comparative politics and international relations for political science majors. At Yale, I served as a teaching assistant for courses in Middle East politics, international relations, and international security.

Sample Responses from Students in "World Politics" (City College)

“I appreciate the knowledge I have gained from this course which has completely changed my view of [the] world. It has given me new insights that are invaluable.”

“The professor’s enthusiasm and cheerful, positive attitude.”

“Well presented”

“I appreciated the professor’s constant communications with the class via email on questions raised.”

“How great of a people person she is.”

“It was a good class.”

“Not overwhelming, fair grader.”

“I appreciated the professor’s availability and willingness to compromise with the students. She ALWAYS answered our questions and made sure we understood the lessons.”

“Don’t go too fast on the slides.”

“Instructor’s enthusiasm in teaching the course.”

“The clarity, simplicity of her teaching methods. The course was fairly graded despite the large courseload.”

“Make it a smaller class!!!”

“It opened my eyes to world politics.”

“Best class I’ve had so far in terms of testing, no surprises. Almost every on tests is covered in lectures.”

“Some readings are a bit too long.”

“The professor presented the material very clearly and took the time to answer the class’ questions.”

“The professor’s enthusiasm when teaching and her thoroughness.”

“I do not have any suggestions at this time. I thought the course was fun and engaging.”

“Very easy to understand. The professor made things very clear.”

Sample Responses from Students in "Introduction to International Relations" (Yale)

“This was an EXCELLENT section. Despite the difficulties of TA-ing a section where most of the people did not care, by the end there was pretty lively discussion at times. Callie was VERY knowledgeable and interesting and was good at encouraging discussion. She also effectively reviewed and expended the material covered in lecture and went out of her way to make an extremely useful worksheet reviewing the IR theories. Overall, she was an amazing TA.”

“Fantastic TA with a very measured view of the world and IR. Extremely knowledgeable and gives great insight into what we discussed at lecture; especially at the beginning of the year, I understood concepts fully only after we discussed it in section together.”

“Good TA; thoughtful discussion questions for each section, and we learn useful things from her and the other students during sections”

“very very nice and easy to listen to, great instruction, great advice, i felt very prepared for all midterms and tests because of section, great information, very helpful”

“Callie did a great job as an IR TA. She's great!”

“The section was very useful -- a great combination of supplemental information and discussion. Callie was truly a remarkable TF -- very approachable, incredibly knowledgeable, and quick to respond to any and all questions. She went above and beyond in helping students understand IR offering extensive feedback (1 single spaced pg of critique from exams) and incredibly helpful review sheets for our exams.”

“Callie was an excellent teaching fellow. The questions she had us answer that she sent out before each section were relevant, thought-provoking, and challenging. She really knew what she was talking about and encouraged us to go farther in our studies, delve deeper in our questions and really think about international relations.”

“Great TA. Really helped synthesize a lot of the course material and made section extremely useful.”

“Callie was a great TA. Section was extremely relevant to class and there was little to no busy work. Everything we did or reviewed was closely related to class which is what section should entail.”

Sample Responses from Students in "Introduction to Middle East Politics" (Yale)

“Truly amazing. Callie is not only very knowledgeable with regard to the Middle-East, but was also impeccably well-organized, and happily devoted a large amount of time to working with her students outside of class. Every section featured topics that Callie would send out in advance, allowing students to prepare well, and this resulted in discussions that seemed to engage almost every student. She also is one of the best editors I have ever worked with - she provided detailed feedback on both the op-ed assignment and the final paper that helped hone those specific assignments and significantly improve my writing in general.”

“Callie was one of the best TAs I've ever had at Yale. The discussion questions for each section would be sent out a couple days before section to allow us to formulate opinions, and section itself was always useful and engaging. In relations to the paper topics, she was extremely helpful in deciding on and refining theses and questions. She would provide detailed, extensive, useful feedback and always responded in a very timely manner, and was very approachable.”

“Callie was super involved and invested in teaching the course. She took it upon herself to plan discussion on the topics and expected a lot out of us - good section TA.”

“Callie was a great TA, whose knowledge of the region, issues and comparative politics in general was very useful in terms of guiding discussion in section. She was also really helpful in terms of providing help on papers, and answering any questions in general. It was also great that she sent discussion questions the preceding Friday before section.”

“She's the best TA I ever had. She gave me tons of feedback and really helped me improve my writing skills. I learned a lot. She is also very organized, friendly and helpful person in general.”

“Callie was a great teaching fellow who pushed us intellectually to think more about the Middle East. Our sections with her were in many ways more useful than the actual classes. She is also very happy to help with writing assignments, and always returns drafts and final versions of papers with in-depth comments.”

“good section. makes you think about the material more in depth. very organized.”

“Callie's editing comments were extremely helpful, and she was a very dedicated TA. I wish all TAs were as dedicated to her job as Callie was. I think she helped me become a better writer and she is obviously quite knowledgeable in the field of Middle East politics.”

“Callie was super involved and invested in teaching the course. She took it upon herself to plan discussion on the topics and expected a lot out of us - good section TA.”

Sample Responses from Students in "International Security" (Yale)

"She was the greatest TF I have had at Yale, hands down. Very engaging, approachable, organized and informative, with a great grasp of the course material."

"Callie was good at explaining material in further depth and was always open to questions. The section was really useful for solidifying material from the lectures."

"Callie was one of the best TA's I have had at Yale. She actively incorporated the lecture and reading materiel into our weekly discussion making section interesting and useful."

"She was very helpful and made herself available to meet for papers. Section was engaging and enjoyable."

"Callie was very engaging, interesting speaker. Did good job of getting lots of people involved. Listened to students, prodded them to further thought. Unfortunately, she could have threatened grade deductions earlier in the semester to get more students to read and contribute to discussion."