Overview Schedule

10-July: Arrival in Lisbon

11-July: Basic data acquisition and control (with Arduino)

- Mini-Project #1: Microcontrollers, electronics, sensors/actuators

12-July: Basic data analysis (with Python)

- Mini-Project #1: Time-series analysis, statistics, plotting

13-July: Advanced data acquisition and control (with Bonsai)

- Mini-Project #1: Cameras, serial protocols, psychophysics

14-July: Automating experiments

- Presentations of MP1

- Mini-Project #2: PCB design and population, rapid prototyping, CAD

15-July: Animal training (automated)

- Mini-Project #2: Clicker training, home-cage monitoring, state-machines

16-July: Free day

17-July: Analyzing behaviour (with Python)

- Mini-Project #2: Basic video analysis, process home-cage training results

18-July: Computer vision

- Presentations of MP2

- Mini-Project #3: Optics, illumination, high-speed videography

19-July: Sensory stimulation

- Mini-Project #3: Projection, GPU shaders,

20-July: Restrained (tethered) behaviour

- Presentations of MP3

- Mini-Project #4: Real-time computer vision, low-latency control

21-July: Closed-Loop environments

- Mini-Project #4: Fly VR

22-July: Free (half) day

- Presentations of MP4

23-July: Course project planning (at the beach)

- Presentations of project proposals (and BBQ)

24-29 July: Course project work (mid-point presentations on the 28th)

- Presentations of course projects on the 29th

30 July: Course party (with student demos)

31 July: Free day

1 August: Depart Lisbon