7h Project - SF cholla colonies

Spring 2014 - CRP had a meeting with Daniela Roth, the BOTANY PROGRAM COORDINATOR for EMNRD-Forestry Division.

We are happy to say that we will be combining our efforts to save the endangered Santa Fe Cholla. CRP will be gathering data on site

locations, quantites of plants, condititions of sites, and any possible dangers to the sites. We are VERY HAPPY to be working with the

NM Forestry Division in this endevor! Click here: EMNRD Forestry Division

Summer 2015 - CRP started 2 new colonies(200 plants and 400 plants) of Santa Fe cholla with help from volunteers and EMNRD.

Late Summer 2015 - CRP Started a new colony(155 Plants) of Santa Fe cholla with volunteers at the Santa Fe Institute.