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Data Acquisition

The beamline data acquisition software system is built mainly based on Epics.
But most users will face only SPEC, a command-line software program, and home-built MATLAB codes during the experiment.

The software Spec, which has been used for many diffraction beamlines, has been implemented for 12ID-B and serves as a kind of higher-level language, which provides programming and minor plotting capability.

Here are macros used for data acquisition at 12ID-B station.
12ID-B specific
 Macro namePurpose
 Usage Note [units]
 Yes takeshotTake SAXS/WAXS images
takeshot filename exposuretime
takeshot filename exposuretime Nshot
takeshot filename exposuretime Nshot Period
exposuretime: second
Nshot: number of shots
Period: second
 No umv Move a motor position
umv motorname absoluteposition
absoluteposition: mm
 No umvr umvr motorname relativeposition
relativepoisiton: mm
 Yes centering GISAXS sample align
Align a sample angle and height to X-ray beam
 Yes shopenOpen the fast shutter
shopen time
time: second
 Yes shcloseClose the fast shutter
 No lupline up
lup motorname relativeleft relativeright Nshot expt
 No ctCount
ct seconds
 No teCurrent temperature