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Beamline overview

Unique capabilities
1. SAXS (0.0015 ~ 0.5 A-1) or simultaneous SAXS/WAXS (0.003 ~ 2.7 A-1). The beamline is not appropriate for measuring WAXS of bulk metallic materials.
2. GISAXS with 14keV X-ray.
3. GIWAXS up to ~6 A-1.

Switching a setup from SAXS to GISAXS or vise versa won't take more than 1 minutes.
GISAXS to GIWAXS may take 5 minutes to switch.

Azimuthal averaging is done automatically and instantaneously.

Schematic Drawing
Motors for users
sav : sample vertical
sah : sample horizontal
sth : sample table horizontal
th : theta (the incident angle in GISAXS)
phi : sample phi angle (the sample azimuthal angle in GISAXS)