What are SARs? SARs participate in activities at the STANYS Annual Conference. SARs will conduct at least one (1) workshop per year within the local section which focuses on the ideas and methods for effective science teaching. Participate in local section activities, events, and meetings as appropriate.

What do SARs do? In order to promote science education, SARs attend the DAL/SAR Planning Meeting (Full Day Workshop) in Albany, New York. Contribute at least one (1) article to the local section newsletter. SARs also submit an annual report of workshops to the appropriate DAL each year.

Please visit these pages for further information about the subject area representative of your interest.

Biology/Living Environment: Jessica Poseluzny

Chemistry: Mark Langella

Colleges: vacant

Earth Science: Tom Tokarski

Elementary: David Jacob

Applied Science and Engineering: Joseph Sciame

Intermediate: Karen Ralph

Physics: vacant

Retirees: Barbara Poselunzy

Special Education: Jennifer Granich