Autumn in the Northwoods

FIRE SAFETY by Kay Scharpf, Franklin Lake

The Hiles North Fire Department has responded to four ground fires on the north shore of Franklin Lake bay in the past. The most recent was this October on McClane Lane. Fortunately, these fires never involved a structure but have come very close, in some cases only a few feet away. North shores of the lake are particularly vulnerable due to the north slope facing the sun with warm, dry winds from the south.

Another problem is that people come up for a weekend to clean up their property and enjoy a campfire, unaware of how dry it is here in the northwoods. It may be wet at home but totally different here. There are basically two dry and very windy times here in the northwoods. One is in early May and the other in October when there are no leaves on the trees. 

The Fire Department is asking all of us on the lakes to exercise extreme caution going forward when burning on our property. Please also pass this on to your family, visitors and renters. 

Fire Safety Tips:
1. Keep the perimeters of your buildings and roof free of leaves, needles and brush.
2. Clear an area around fire pit when making a campfire.
3. Have a water source near by.
4. Check burning conditions before starting a fire. Call Doris Lovrine (715-479-8047), our fire warden, for an update on fire conditions.
5. Display your fire # in a prominent place near the phone.
6. Never leave a fire unattended.
7. Keep wood piles away from buildings and from under power lines. 

**A reminder that we can support Hiles Fire Dept. Station B through purchases at Trig’s. Thanks for your continuing use of the TLC fundraising program at Trig’s. Just write 14S on your receipt in order for the Hiles Fire Dept. B fund to receive benefit and drop it in the large box on your way out. Thank you!