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Who and Where We Are

BNHS has a membership of about 90, drawn mostly from Neston and the nearby villages of Burton, Parkgate and Willaston at the south end of the Wirral peninsula in West Cheshire.   Neston & Parkgate are alongside the Dee Estuary, only a very short distance from the Welsh border, and it comes as a surprise to many that Cheshire should have a coastline.  This  unusual geographical location has had a strong influence on the development and history of our area and make it a popular place to live and to visit today. 

Our Current Work

Our members have been actively involved in researching the history of our area for 40 years.  The society aims to promote an interest in and appreciation of our locality and its people and history through the sharing of our historical research.   To those ends we hold lectures, discussions, field studies and visits to places of historical interest, collect and preserve documents and photographs relevant to the district, assist in the preservation of land, buildings and objects of historical interest and make available to the public from time to time such writings or documentary evidence as may be available.  Our researchers are currently looking at the period after 1945.

We have organized exhibitions on Coal Mining in Neston, the Neston Female Friendly Society, the First World War, Emma Lady Hamilton, and ‘Then and Now’ contrasting photographs. In April 2016 were involved with the Neston Georgian Festival.

Our Future

We aim to continue our research efforts and encourage others to develop and contribute theirs to further the understanding of the past and how it has shaped our present in our locality.  Some of our researchers are now working on the period from World War II to the present.

Gargoyle, St. Mary & St. Helen's Church, Neston
Gargoyle, St. Mary & St. Helen's Church, Neston