A ukulele group for adults. 

Bugstrum Jams at -
 Your Place Eatery and Bar. 

118 N. Christina St. Check it out. They have great food. 

Next  Jam Session:

Thursday February  16th. 7:00 p.m.

"Song Sung Blue" has been modified slightly to go with the Neil Diamond video. Be sure to print a new sheet. The video is in the same key.

 "Sound of Silence" can be played along with if you use a capo on the first fret.

I have added  a folder on the "Group Song Book" page "Monthly Song List" to make it easier for you to find the songs for the upcoming jam session.The folder can be found on the "Group Song Book" Page near the bottom.  


Three Little Birds and Song sung Blue.
for future sessions. Something for you to practise. Have fun!

Song Sung Blue - Neil Diamond

Elvis Presley - Snowbird

Mull of Kintyre

Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel

Capo - 1 to play along

118 Christina St N


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