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BS.MP3 is a simple folder oriented MP3/WMA audio files player. It treats folders as if they were albums of the songs. Very pleasant to enjoy MP3 and WMA files without bothered to make any playlist. It is aware of folder JPEG images and uses them as backgrounds for the albums. Click on the song title to toggle compact view.  
  • Supports MP3 and WMA.
  • Tray icon option.
  • Folder image as background option.
  • Informative about box.
  • Remember most of the things.
  • Decent user interface, decent usage, decent resource.
  • Repeat and random play.
  • Accepts dropped folder or as run parameter for loading.
  • Distributed as installation but the EXE is portable.

Main components:
  • TMediaPlayer
  • TTimer

Usage example:
  1. I have my MP3 files in My Music folder.
  2. I load the files by selecting that folder.
  3. All MP3 files are then listed structured by folder tree.
  4. Play!