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Do you often feel upset because your video files are too loud or too quiet? Now, you can have video collections with proper audio volume with BS FAG! BS FAG will fix audio gain in video files to volume level about 89 dB with clipping prevention. It allows custom volume level and clipping control if prefered. You can perform the whole process manually, but for guys who know very little about audio/video technical things like me, BS FAG can be a great help.


BS FAG 2.5

A console application with less features is also available. Both applications don't need each other to run properly.

Syntax (console app):

  [path]bsfag.exe videofile [audioparams] [/r]

videofile: video file name with mask support
audioparams: optional audio parameters; enclosed with double quotes. 
        ex.: "-ab 192k" to extract the audio with 192 kbps bitrate.
        Refer to FFmpeg documentation. Do not define audio format.
/r: replace original file. Without this, result files will be stored in current directory 
        with suffix " - Fixed" in file names.

Screenshot (console app):

BS FAG Screenshot


Be warned that the audio will converted as MP3 before fixing its gain. Similar original audio specification will be applied unless explicitly overriden in "audioparams" although the result might not exactly the same. Tested on 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPG, WMV, etc. You may try on other types with care.

FFmpeg is copyrighted by the FFmpeg developers (
mp3gain is copyrighted by Glen Sawyer (


Forgive me that some download sites has been embedding unwanted softwares with the installation of BS FAG. I am not receiving any benefit while they're doing that. This really makes me upset. I didn't notice until lately I read in a blog which introducing BS FAG to his fellows and he mentioned that annoying issue. Please, select other download sites and stay careful while downloading and installing. Thanks