Do you often feel upset because your video files are too loud or too quiet? Now, you can have video collections with proper audio volume with BS FAG! BS FAG will fix audio gain in video files to proper audio volume level with clipping sound prevention. It allows custom volume level and clipping control if prefered. Multiple audio tracks processing is supported seamlessly. BS FAG only modifies audio part thus other parts remain the same.

The whole process could be done manually, but the process steps requires technical works and right softwares. BS FAG here can be a great help.

Starting version 4, it supports file names in international characters (Baltic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, etc.).



How To Use

    1. Add files by pressing "Add" button or drag drop from Windows Explorer. The files will be analyzed for their information.

    2. Open "Options" if needed by pressing "Options" button.

      • Set "Audio level" to desired volume. Default is 90.5 decibel (dB). Acceptable values are 30.0 dB - 99.0 dB. Ideally is 89.0 dB.

      • Select "Process as MP3 audio" to convert original audio to MP3 format prior fixing. Use this to try when it was error with this option unselected.

      • Select "Ignore clipping sound" if you wish.

      • Select "Analyze only" to skip gain fixing but show the gain value that could be applied. (v4.2)

      • Select "Replace original files" to activate. Be sure on selecting this option as the fixes will be permanent.

      • Select "Do not pass" to force rebuild although volume level is already achieved.

    3. Give check marks on the list to select videos to process.

    4. Press "Process" button to start the process.

    5. After finished fixing, the successed result video will be on the same location of the original files and in the list will show gain value applied.

    6. Enjoy the new videos with proper audio volume level on computers, smartphones, DVD players, TV, anywhere!

Be warned that the audio will be converted as it will alter its quality. Although similar original audio specification will be applied, the result will be different. Tested on 3GP, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, WMV, etc. You may try on other types with care.

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