Parent Training

Parent and Leader Training

Instruction for taking the Boy Scout Online Training

1.     Log on to :

2.     Click on “My.Scouting Login” at the top right side of the screen. This will bring you to the login screen.

3.     If you already have your User Name and Password for “My.Scouting” go ahead and sign in. They should be the same that you used to set up your account to take Youth Protection Training.

4.     If this is your first time on “My.Scouting” you will have to set up an account for “My.Scouting”.

·        Click on Create an Account. Follow the  directions. When you are asked for the BSA ID number, use the number from your BSA registration card. If you do not have it, please give Mr. Russell a call and he will get it for you.

·        Once you have created your account, go back to the “My.Scouting Login” page and sign in.

5.     Once you have signed into “My.Scouting” you will be on a page that has a list of updates to the program. At the top, left hand of the screen there will be the word “Menu”. Click on the word “Menu” and you should get a drop down box, Click on “My Dashboard”

6.     This will take you to the Training Page. Across the top will be four tabs:

·        YPT – This will show you the current status of your Youth Protection Training which expires every two years.

·        TRAINING CENTER –  This will take you to a complete list of the trainings that are  available on line. Most of our training will be under the “Boy Scout and Varsity” Tab

·        REQUIREMENTS – Under this tab you will see all of the training modules required for your registered position. All of these should be completed.

·        COMPLETIONS: Under this tab you will see all of the training that you have completed, both those required for your position and any other training that you have taken both online and classroom training. You can also print out completion certificates for each training if you need them.

7.     Once you have completed the training follow the instructions to print the certificate of completion. Keep a copy for yourself and give one to Jack Russell.