Who we are

The Psychology Section is served by a committee, who conduct the activities of the Section. The committee is intended to cover the range of scientific psychology conducted in the UK, and its membership is determined in conjunction with the Experimental Psychology Society and by the British Psychological Society Research Board.

The committee is composed of:
The President of the Psychology Section, who is the guiding light of the section;
The Vice-President, who was the President the previous year;
The Incoming President, who will become the President at the next Festival;
The Recorder, who functions as the secretary of the Section, and liaises with the British Science Association central organisation;
Committee members, who contribute to the running of the section, press-relations, publicity, and event proposals.

More detail of the responsibilities of each are in the BSA Section guide.

Current post-holders:

Recorder:  Ellen Poliakoff, Manchester

Committee Member: Emily Cross, Bangor

David Ellis

Committee Member: David Ellis, Lancaster

Committee Member: Karen Lander, Manchester

Committee Member: Harriet Over, York

Committee Member: Shane Lindsay, Hull

BPS Research Board Nominated Members:

Kelly Auty (BPS Policy Advisor, Education)

Lisa Morrison Coulthard (BPS Research Board)