Balboa classes

New Balboa classes starting September 2022 :

Our new Beginner Classes session 09/2022-01:2023 have begun. Registrations are now closed.

If you want to enter this session, or ask a question, please contact us on our mail

Thursday Inter L2 :

Localisation : Dublin room - Rue de Dublin 13, 1050 Bruxelles.

Time : Each THURSDAY - 18h00 - 19h00 (1h) - session of 15 classes - total 15h - price : 135e.

You know already your basics and want to review them and see new variations ? This class is for you.

Thursday Beginner L0 :

Localisation : Dublin room - Rue de Dublin 13, 1050 Bruxelles.

Time : Each THURSDAY - 19h00 - 20h00 (1h) - session of 15 classes - total 15h - price : 135e.

Perfect class to begin learning Balboa, or review your basics. You will learn all you need to be able to follow international Balboa workshops, like basic steps as hold basic, down basic, and difference between pure-bal and bal-swing, or paddle step, come-around, out & in step, side step, crabwalk, lollies, swivels, throw out, and others. No previous knowledge needed to access this class.

You may register to our class without partner, but you will then put in waiting list until we found a partner for you or that you inform us that you found one. Each dancer must register for a certain role, as follow or lead, and will keep this role for the duration of the session (but if you inform us in registration form that you are interested with the 2 roles).

All classes will be given by Lies Vogeler and Serge Fovel, in French (but we can translate in English when needed). We will be super happy to relay to you the knowledge of our past years of dancing.

Dancers without experience are welcome in our beginner-0 classes. It’s also recommended to use leather shoes with heels because we use a lot the floor to slide on it ( 😉)

If you are willing to accompany us in this great adventure, then please use the forms referenced in this page to register. If you register with a partner please inform us also of your partner name/surname in the form (but your partner will need to register separately). You will then receive payments informations.

Please don't hesitate to forward this information to your friends & inform around you of those Balboa classes ! (;-))

Our classes are given by Lies & Serge :

Lies is a lover of social dancing and passionate about developing herself as a dancer, She hopes to inspire people to learn and enjoy dancing as part of their daily lives. No matter if it is Lindy, Balboa, or Collegiate Shag, you will always find her on the dancefloor with with a big smile on her face, jamming to all kinds of swing music. This energy brought Lies to teaching, where she is able to share her joy and passion with others. The social nature of Lindy Hop is very important to her; Lies loves being part of the dance scene, and feels privileged to have met so many great and talented people at various festivals both at home and abroad.

Serge started swing dancing in the 2000s, shortly after Swing started in Brussels. After nearly 13 years of Lindy-hop, he began to take an interest in Balboa and it was love at first sight. In 2017 he set himself the goal of developing the balboa scene and began to give lessons. Since then he has not stopped and you can find him everywhere where there is the possibility of dancing. He started swing dancing as a hobby but it became a passion for him. He takes great pleasure in dancing and teaching, and sharing his passion with everyone.