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Why Brussels Balboa Rendez Vous ?

This site has been made especially for all lovers of the Balboa dance from the Swing era 1920 - 1930.... and has been named based on the famous "Rendezvous Ballroom" building in Southern California, which was the first large ballroom where people were coming to dance Balboa. Our goal is to inform people of Balboa events, workshops, classes, in Belgium, or where to meet to dance Balboa together. We will also inform of certain Balboa workshops out of Belgium with the hope that will increase travels to dance Balboa together in other countries.

If you know nothing about Balboa : well, I would say that it’s danced in couple, on jazz & swing … very fast music, but could also be danced on medium or slow music (slow bal), is very useful when the dance room is really crowded because you are mostly very close, and is beautiful to look at.

What we like in Balboa ? The connection with your partner !

If you know already Lindy, it's the perfect time to improve your connection and technics, and begin learning Balboa. Balboa will improve your technics in all your other dances.

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