My name is Bruce Triplett, Founder, Chief Technician (Only), Parts manager, bookkeeper, and floor sweeper.  I have been in business since 1990 and have supplied suspension service for the fastest (Steve McSwain, Ferrell Smith, Daniel Morrison, Doug Deaton) to the slowest (yours truly and Steve Stirewalt).

My specialty is converting MX Suspension to work in the world of woods riding, hare scrambles, enduros, and trail riding.  I also do service work and shaft and tube repairs, and provide springs and other specialty products to enhance your off road riding.

My work is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.  I am not happy until you, the customer, are happy.  You are the one that is riding the bike, not me or your buddy.  As I like to say "Your BOTTOM is more important than my BOTTOM LINE." I will make it right. 

*** Please call before sending any suspension to us. ***

BRUCE'S SUSPENSION has been doing suspension in the NCHSA area for over 20 years. I have done more forks and shocks in this area than any other suspension tuner, and done more NCHSA's grand champions (Steve McSwain, Ferrell Smith and Vance Earl) than anyone else.  

Visit my website at www.brucessuspension.net or call 704*637*FORK(3675). I'm local (Salisbury, NC.) and I'm at every race.

Who Needs Service?

Anyone riding a motorcycle!

The forks and shock have oil, seals, bushings, and a piston and cylinder.  If the oil is not changed on a timely basis it wears out -  losing lubricating properties and causing wear to the cylinder.  This wear is not repairable without replacing some very expensive parts ($300 and up).  Also, dirt can enter around the seals causing damage ranging from leaking seals to shaft wear.  With proper service, two of the most expensive components on your motorcycle can be made to last a very long time.  Forks should be serviced every 200 miles or 15 hours, whereas a shock should be serviced every 400 miles or 30 hours of riding.  I also offer a specialty product called SEAL SAVERS which will extend seal life by keeping more dirt out of the seal than anything else currently available.

Who Needs Revalving? 

Any rider using a MX bike for anything other than MX or who does not fit the factory average for whatever the bike was intended to be used for.

Revalving tunes the suspension for a specific use, rider ability, and terrain.  This greatly enhances the rider’s ability to ride faster, safer, and longer.

I offer two levels of Fork Revalving – one a normal revalving on all makes of forks, and the other a specialty modification called the Terrain Tamer which is available for KYB, and WP forks only.  The Terrain Tamer is unquestionably the ULTIMATE off road fork.  It works over a much more varied terrain than any other fork or revalved fork available to off road riders.  It is more supple than a stock KDX/XR fork but has more bottoming resistance than a revalved MX fork set up for off road.

KDX/KLX -- more plush than stock, but not mushy, more bottoming resistance that adding GOLD VALVES, but with the added benefit of having adjustable rebound similar to MX forks. KLX Special--lengthening both ends for more ground clearance and more travel plus a special shock spring to cure the poor linkage ratio problem.

Both the forks and shock should be revalved at the same time, by the same suspension service technician.  This will allow both ends of the bike to work in harmony.