Hirers have the availability of the following items:
Automated AV Screen and Projector
Stereo System
2 x TV's that also connect into the AV system (not digital TV)

16 x Square 900 x 900 Tables
64 x Upholstered chairs

Commercial Gas Oven
Starline Steriliser (dishwasher)

CROCKERY / CUTLERY - approximate numbers. This is on an AS IS basis. If you need a specific number for your event, we recommend you check numbers a week before your hire. If we can source extras to make up the numbers to 60 we will, otherwise this is up to you to arrange.

60 x Wine Glasses
60 x Water Glasses
60 x Tea / Coffee cups

60 x Dinner Plates
60 x Side Plates
60 x Dessert bowls

60 x Knives / Forks / Spoons
There is no additional storage at the centre, so all items must be left onsite and in the hall area.
Whilst all groups are welcome to use the Projector & Screen and the Stereo system, this is on an AS IS basis. We do not have staff to show you how to use it or handle IT problems for your event.
You must provide your own VGA cable to connect to the projector

The Browns Bay Marine Centre is a Non-profit registered charity, run by volunteers.