Sharing Science

Here are some ways that I share science within the communities I live in.

Adler planetarium in Chicago, IL

in the Space Visualization Lab

during "Conversations with Astronomers"

and "Adler After Dark"

We share science with museum attendees

Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN

during the "Tennessee Women In Science Techonology and Engineering" program

1 day event for high school girls to interact with real life women scientists

I lead a hands on lab and shared about breaking stereotypes of scientists

Dyer Observatory in Nashville, TN

during Open House nights

and Blue Bird on the Mountain

I shared astronomy stories with observatory listeners

Scientist in the Classroom program in Nashville, TN

I spent 1 year working 1 day a week teaching science in a middle school

I worked with Carlene Taylor at Martin Luther King + Rosa Park Middle Schools

Women in Physics group at Vanderbilt

I worked with the group to improve life as a women in science

Started the Bridge Underground

A group focused on improving student life in the Fisk-Vanderbilt Bridge program

Given talks at

Roosevelt High School in Honolulu, HI

motivating students of my alma mater to pursue education after high school

Stratford Middle School in Nashville, TN

teaching students about my career + the lives of stars

Wrote a guest blog for Spitzer Science Center

It was about the Sagan Exoplanet workshop I attended

last updated : 08 August 2012