Save Our Schools

Three of our local schools were on the CPS closing list. Community support saved them.

Bridgeport Alliance hosted its Public Education Forum on February 6th 2013, bringing over 80 activists by bus to the CPS public forum in Fuller Park to add to the chorus against singling out the schools in the city's most economically vulnerable areas.  Later Bridgeport Alliance school forums and meetings with Fuller Park concentrated nearly 300 activists in opposition to the CPS closure plan.  

Targeted schools remain open.  Community activism works.  But the fight is not over.

Public education as a whole is in serious danger from misguided attempts to address the effects of poverty without addressing its causes.  School performance is driven by a neighborhood's economic health, not the other way around.  Neighborhoods across the South Side have served notice that we will not let CPS,  The Board Of Education and City Hall get this wrong.

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