Clean Power

Bridgeport Alliance is proud to be a part of the Chicago Clean Power Coalition

Due in part to pressure from community groups and the Chicago Clean Power Coalition, in February of 2012 Midwest Generation announced that they would be closing the Crawford and Fisk coal plants on Chicago's south side.  According to a 2001 study conducted by researches from the Harvard School of Public Health, the estimated impacts of the two Chicago power plants, Crawford and Fisk, were:

    •    40+ premature deaths per year
    •    2800 asthma attacks per year
    •    500 emergency room visits per year

Bridgeport Alliance was one of the community groups that received the Environmental Leadership Award from the Illinois Environmental Council for it's role in retiring the Crawford and Fisk plants.   

Bridgeport Alliance continues to be part of the Chicago Clean Power Coalition and has supported campaigns to stop the Leucadia Coal Gasification plant on Chicago's southeast side, and to bring energy aggregation to the city of Chicago.