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Emma Johnson-Rivard

A Babydyke's Primer to Slasher Films


The first and only thing to know;

all the women you meet are hungry

though only the bad ones go cannibal.

The survivors shed clothes, take knives

bleed to the bone

Turn, then

devour out of spite.


Do you love? You will die.

Don't love.


If you love regardless

Sever, child

and find yourself

Full of teeth.



The Language of The Outsider


Part one: identification

knowing Other, then



The shapes used to track

go both ways


Next: understand

there are two ways to suffer

pain from hunger or

pain from truth


The poet is not a martyr if she starves

or a hero if she bleeds


Third: martyrs die. Who knows what they think?


Forth: the poet chooses more than words.


Finally: the body is temporary.

The world in flux

but the word, oh


The word is eternal.



Emma Johnson-Rivard is a Masters student at Hamline University. She received her undergraduate degree in Film Studies at Smith College in Massachusetts and currently lives in Minnesota with her dogs and far too many books. Her work has appeared in Mistake House, the Olive Press, and the Santa Ana River Review.