About Brian's Show

Let me give you some highlights about my show then you can decide to call me. 

Stage Hypnosis is a unique, fascinating and funny way to experience a perfectly common human phenomenon. 

If you’ve never seen a Comedy Hypnosis show I have some clips on YouTube or look up comedy hypnosis. You’ll see people in silly situation just having fun. 

I can point you to clips of other shows because I did not re-invent the wheel. Hypnosis shows have been a reliable source of family entertainment for decades. 

However my show is unique and I think quite special in a couple of ways. 

The reason hypnosis shows are so darn funny is because you or people you may know are suddenly free to see and feel and play with ideas I give to their imagination. Things too silly and absurd to happen in everyday life.

Special about my show #1) I go one step further.  

I want my audience, your audience, to know it’s all about imagination from the start. 

So, as a professional entertainer when I’m in front of an audience I get some latitude.

The latitude to be a bit SteamPunk, part Absent-minded Professor, part Ringmaster, funny and kind of mysterious.

Special about my show #2) Laughter is a part of the standard formula. In my show Laughter is a special theme. Turns out Laughter through the lens of Gelotology “the science of laughter” is also a fascinating and perfectly common human phenomenon. And it makes for some great running gags that are quite contagious

The comedy hypnosis show I do is great in all kinds of situations.

But, Like I keep saying - I’m a Pro

A church is going to want a different show from a 
Genre Convention or a
Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

As part of a school activity or company seminar the show might have a specific lesson to convey:



Respect for others (bullying prevention),

Self-confidence or many others. 

I also do shows geared to the late night crowd


Psycho Neurology Foundation - Certified Hypnotherapist 1985

Stage Hypnosis Center - Comprehensive Intensive Spring 2010

Santa Barbara School of Massage - Massage/Shiatsu Certificate 1983

Reflexology 1985

Reiki 1987-95

Ortho-Bionomy 1990-95

Bakersfield College - Associate of Arts - Theater Arts 1980


Spotlight Theatre Foundation - Board of Directors - Vice President 2010

Pyramid Productions - Board of Directors Member - 2004

Buckley Broadcasting - Talk Show Host - 1998

Mountain CableVision - Producer , live content - 1992-3

I was featured on FOX 58's morning show last February.