A Strange Thing Happened on the Way To Court

Governor Sam Brownback's SRS Secretary Resigns After I Suggest it.

On November 28, 2011 I filed a response to the Kansas Secretary of the Social and Rehabilitation Services’ Motion to Dismiss my civil rights claims against Secretary Rob Siedlecki. My response also included a Motion to Amend my petition to include additional claims for monetary damages for things Siedlecki did before injunctive relief without monetary damages could be granted.

No one seemed to pay attention to my answer and amended complaint until I posted it online Monday, December 12, 2011. Answer to Motion to Dismiss . Later that day Siedlecki’s SRS attorneys filed an untimely motion for extension to answer.

Now in retrospect, I can see what alarmed the administration of Governor Sam Brownback as it patrols the Internet and social media:


The plaintiff sold the last of the proceeds from his marital property to travel to Tampa, Florida to look for work. He was not able to get work even out of state and even in 

non practice of law employment because of the defendants’ misconduct described in the First Amended Complaint.

The defendant SECRETARY OF SRS ROB SIEDLEKI came to Kansas from Florida for an above living wage job and joined in the defendants’ misconduct and 

now continues the defendants’ intentional misrepresentation of the law regarding the plaintiff’s standing for civil rights relief to be able to work again and support his family. 

The purpose of SECRETARY OF SRS ROB SIEDLEKI’s participation in this conduct is to obstruct justice and conceal the felony kidnapping of Baby C.

The defendant SECRETARY OF SRS ROB SIEDLEKI now has a moral duty to resign his position with the Kansas SRS and return any salary he received from the state."

I had previously argued that SRS attorneys could not defend SRS officials in court because statutes and the Kansas Constitution require the Attorney General to do so. It is important because when state officials commit criminal offenses, the Attorney General is required to investigate them. I lost the motion I filed to disqualified counsel where I cited the same authorities Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston used to disqualify then Attorney General Phil Kline from brining a criminal prosecution.

It is my best guess that Rob Siedlecki, a Florida licensed attorney realized that he was responsible for what SRS employees, contractors and agents have been doing to me and to natural parents like Valerie Rosproy and my former client David M. Price during the time Siedlecki had notice of the agency’s child trafficking and his agents SRS attorneys (who bear the professional responsibility for misrepresentations made to Kansas judges to take children from their parents through fraud as part of a continuing scheme to profit from federal funds) misconduct to try to have my claims dismissed and delayed.

The Second Amended Petition details how the violations of my civil rights have continued while the agency and the defendants continue participating in criminal racketeering schemes to enrich private actors through fraud at the expense of the welfare of Kansas citizens. I have even had to go to federal court to address the results of misconduct SRS attorneys and their contractors committed against me after my filing for relief in state court.

On Thursday, December 15, 2011 Rob Siedlecki resigned, announcing that by the end of the month he would return to Florida.

Governor Sam Brownback has focused his administration on restoring the family. Labeled a Social Conservative, Brownback as a US Senator also fought for basic human rights globally and especially for North Korean refugees.

Rob Siedlecki, an administrator in the State of Florida’s social services, was recruited to implement reforms over the SRS that are a priority for not only Governor Sam Brownback’s core political constituency but also state legislators who have been trying for the last decade to reign in abuses to children under the agency’s care, rampant fraud by contractors and a lack of accountability for the agency’s attorneys in Kansas courts. Questioning first the agency’s involvement in involuntary adoptions for profit, then preventable deaths of infants in foster care, and most recently the unnecessary taking of children through fraud for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal subsidies and the administration of unnecessary and dangerous pharmaceuticals to infants in state care for kickbacks.

Reform of the SRS is not a partisan issue and even the opposite ends of the spectrum social conservative Republican and progressive Democrat voters want a safe place for children that are in danger in their family home and for quality healthcare to be available to children in the custody of the state.

No one as a voter can support taking children away from their family and providing fraudulent filings in court to delay returning children to their family, solely to maximize the federal funds available once a child is taken for more than a year. Similarly, the idea that drugs would be administered to children, even infants under 3 years old that risked their health but maximized payments from pharmaceutical companies at the expense of robbing resources for the state’s disadvantaged in Medicaid.

Governor Sam Brownback and Rob Siedlecki were most criticized for their plans to steer administration of SRS programs to faith based organizations. I am not a Social Conservative, but it seemed like a way to take the terrible profit and criminal motivations out of decisions made for our state’s vulnerable children.

If Rob Siedlecki could not change the culture of the SRS away from being an enabler to child traffickers and Medicare fraudsters with the radical restructuring of the agency under his watch, maybe Governor Sam Brownback is right in pressing for even more reorganization.

The governor may even have a bigger purpose behind changing the Juvenile Justice Administration.  Its not popular to believe in families during times when many believe the federal government is the solution to everything. But, its hard to understand how Brownback could go wrong by restoring families, not tearing them apart.