Pest Control

Birds can become a problem to our buildings and businesses for a number of reasons. They may be aggressive, anti-social and hazardous; or they may be dirty, noisy and destructive.

The use of birds of prey as a method of bird-control has been found to be an effective method of persuading pest-bird species to nest elsewhere. Prey species have a natural fear of predator species and can be persuaded off specific sites with no harm to them and to the satisfaction of the owners. Though not an overnight remedy, with time an unwanted species will learn not to flock so heavily, as the constant threat leaves them with no option but to find alternative accomodation.

If you have a bird problem, please contact us and we can arrange a programme to fly our birds of prey on a variable rota basis to discourage nuisance roosting and nesting, and see off your unwanted neighbours.

We currently liaise with NBC Bird & Pest Solutions

& Ecopro Ltd