On September 24, 2012, the Boston Public Schools released five proposals to replace the city's current student assignment plan.  These proposals will be vetted at public hearings and by the appointed External Advisory Committee, which will present a recommendation to the Boston School Committee in December.  As part of this process, the Boston Public Schools has made available a tremendous amount of data for analysis.  In order to assist all stakeholders in making sense of these data, we -- a team of faculty and doctoral students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, led by Associate Professor Meira Levinson -- offer an initial analysis of the proposals and their effect on equitable access to quality schools across the city.

Download the full or condensed report here.

Download the executive summary here.

Data and supplemental files, here.

Download an analysis of the links among school assignment policies, housing prices, and neighborhood composition here.

Download Meira Levinson's presentation to the EAC on 10-10-12 here.

About the authors of this report here.