Collaboratory Panels/Presentations/Workshops (most recent first)

FLAVA 2014 Workshop, September 2014.  Presenters: Betsy Louis, Brianne Moore-Adams, Marlene Johnshoy, Kathryn Murphy-Judy

FLAVA 2014 Workshop

COERLL Presentation, June 2014.  Presenters: Marlene Johnshoy & Kathryn Murphy-Judy.  

COERLL - CARLA - BOLDD Workshop 6-27-2014

CALICO May 2014 University of Athens. Presenters: Bonnie Youngs, Joe Terantino, Julio Rodriguez, Marlene Johnshoy, Kathryn Murphy-Judy.

BOLDD Workshop CALICO 2014

CALICO 2014 Workshop Handouts

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For the BOLDD SCOLT and NECTFL Workshops 2013, please contact Kathryn or Gretchen.

CALICO 2013 Workshop Materials in PDF form (participants are all in the shared document).

CALICO 2013 Workshop Document

BOLDD Workshop CALICO 2013

FLAVA October 2012 (2 hour workshop)
Kathryn Murphy-Judy

FLAVA Workshop 2012.ppt

ACTFL November 2012 (Philadelphia)
Sophie Queuniet, Gretchen Jones, Claudia Guidi, Michael Bush, Tim Cook, Kathryn Murphy-Judy, Marlene Johnshoy

ACTFL 2012 BOLDD Panel

CALICO Panel June 2012 (University of Notre Dame)
Betty Rose Face, Bonnie Youngs, Joe Terantino, Michael Bush, Robert Godwin-Jones, Ed Dixon (via Adobe Connect), Kathryn Murphy-Judy