Guitarist - Vocalist - Entertainer - Extraordinaire!

John Boda

ATTENTION: If you are looking for info on John Boda as 
a rock-jazz-blues-pop musician in public venues, you 
have the WRONG SITE! He is ONE AND THE SAME and the other 
site is  
John Boda & Merle Phillips age 108
John Boda is the first choice in quality music programs for the senior market! Here are some of the reasons;

1. Long time pro - guitar wizard, a highly seasoned vocalist with soothing tones, and also a former successful radio disc jockey who fine tuned the art of warm personable entertainment for 14 years in radio.

2. There are not many who have such a deep repertoire of music worked out from any era - style - theme! He specializes in The Great American Songbook but if desired, can easily shift into R&B, jazz, rock, blues, country for any age group.

3. To further bring enhance his music programs he offers trivia shows, dance shows with digital drums, state of the art sound system, and can easily switch to piano for more variety. 

4. Also presenting captivating multimedia programs with Power Point on history and mysteries and more! See "Multimedia Programs Info" link for complete lineup.

2015  Chicago IL 
Pilgrim Productions Inc.

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