Bobo's Thumper stacked the fish under the boat thick everywhere we went. - Carey

William says: " I've never seen anything like it! This thing is absolutely awesome. I have been catching fish in areas where I never catch them this time of year. What is funny, is when I get to these spots, there are no fish or bait fish showing on my fish finder. Within 10 minutes with the Thumper turned on, I mark fish on the sonar and begin catching fish. A lot of them!"

Gene says: "It is great! It sure helps relieve my elbow pain, and lets me concentrate on my fishing."

Pat says: "I want two. My friend wants one."

Doug says: "I want two. Also, my friend wants two."

Ron says: "I don't own a boat, but I can take my thumper with me to fish on my buddies' boats."

Todd says: "I like it. It is a lot cleaner looking thumper than some others I've seen. A much better design.

It should last a very long time"

Rodney says: "They work great the only bad thing is your arm gets tired catching all of them dang fish."

And many more similar comments from owners and non-owners alike.