History of Bobo's Thumper

Do you want to catch more fish? My thumper can help.

I remember hearing about older fishermen who would tap their boat oar on the floor of the boat, when I was younger. I always thought they must not have all their oars in the water.

When I started fishing for sand bass, striper, and hybrid striper, we would catch a few, and have a good day.

I have to give my younger brother credit for telling me about tapping on the floor of the boat to attract bait, sand bass, and hybrid striper. I tried it and loaded the boat with fish on almost every trip out.

The thumping would allow us to catch all the fish we could manage and then some, including sand bass, striper, and hybrid striper, not to mention catfish, a large mouth bass or two, and a few crappie.

After a while, I decided to see if I could find a way to build a device that would allow me to thump hands free, while I continued to fish, or help others with their catch.

I had heard of a couple of guys who had built something that worked for a bit, but didn't offer any way to change the speed or to turn it on or off remotely.

I can't claim thumping as totally my idea, but the design, improved components, and a lot of trial and error, I finally came up with today's Bobo's Thumper.

My thumper incorporates a speed controller with a 12 volt electric motor, and a rubber mallet. The speed of the motor can be adjusted to the desired tempo of the user's choice.

A remote control on/off switch can be added, to allow the thumper to be stored in hard to access areas of the boat, out of the way, if desired.

For those of you who are concerned about battery usage, this whole device only draws .10 to .12 amps while running at the normal speed used for thumping. Not even one quarter of an amp! That is way less than most bilge pumps or aerators use.

Most people claim they have no issues using their thumpers all day, and still having enough battery power left to start their outboard motor. A small 3X5 lawnmower battery will run it for several hours.

Bobo's Thumper comes in a plastic box with a lid, for storage and portability.

Check out the following pages to see some owner's testimonials of Bobo's Thumper, and videos of the thumper and how it works.