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- Developing interactive products using design, insight, and research
- MA Industrial Product Design
- PMP (Project Management Professional) Cert. #2051480

"Projects" include recurring events and projects worked on with teams or as an individual contributor, but did not necessarily lead from concept to completion.


Nest  Image: USPTO US8620841B1

Title: Google Hardware / Nest : NPI Support Engineer (New Product Introduction)
Roles: Contractor at Google Hardware / Nest, leading Support division's new product readiness 
Project Type: New product readiness, consumer electronics (2017-2018)
Responsible for Support division new product readiness for all Nest product introductions, international expansions, app and device software updates, and all incidental projects.

2020-09-21 Launch of 18 month internal tools migration project. 71 'workstreams' across multiple teams in 8 time zones. 

Shipped Products: 
2019-09-09  Google Nest Hub Max
2019-08-19  Nest account migration to Google account
2019-06-18 redirect to Google Store and
Google Help Center 
2019-05-28   Ninety7 Indoor Power Adapter for Google Nest Hello Doorbell
2019-05-07   Google Nest rebranding / Works with Nest deprecation announce
2019-02-04   Google Assistant on Nest Secure Alarm System
2019-02-04   Nest Pro Checkup Service (Pilot)
2018-10-30   Nest Hello with Nest Aware service included at point-of-sale
2018-10-09   Nest Thermostat 3 new premium colors
2018-10-02   Nest Thermostat E for Europe (Award: " Top Connected Energy Product 2019")
2018-08-28   Nest accessories (parts) project
2018-07-24   Nest Cam IQ Outdoor: Weatherproof Power Adapter
Nest Temperature Sensor    
2018-03-15   Nest x Yale Lock
2018-03-12   Nest Cam IQ indoor wall mount
2018-03-15   Nest Hello  
2017-12-12   Nest Security Yard Sign
2017-11-28   Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera 
2017-11-01   Nest Connect       
2017-11-01   Nest Secure Alarm System (includes Nest Guard +  Nest Detect + Nest Tag)
2017-09-01   Nest Thermostat E 
2017-06-28   Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera  

As well as
qty. 4 product revisions

Shipped Software and Other Services:
2018-10-09 Google Home Hub + Nest Hello doorbell interactions
2018-05-23 GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
2018-05-21 Nest - Airbnb partnership portal
2018-03-27  Financing via Affirm on
2018-03-15  Pro-install via national provider 
2018-02-21  Nest Aware (5day/$5 plan)
2018-02-21  Google Assistant on Nest Cam IQ indoor
2017-12-12  Cellular Backup Subscription
2017-12-05  24/7 professional monitoring by Brinks Home Security (formerly Moni)
2017-11-10  Resell Nest Aware via T-Mobile
2017-08-01  Resell Nest Aware via Telus

Shipped International Expansions and Product Extensions 
2018-06-18  Luxembourg
2018-02-20  United Arab Emirates (UAE) 
2017-11-13  Nest Learning Thermostat (new colors) Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain
2017-10-31  New Zealand
2017-08-29  'Nordics' Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland
2017-07-10  Australia
2017-04-04  Mexico  

Qty. 4 product extensions of existing products to international markets

Shipped Apps and software 
2018-04-05  start leading "Device SW Weekly" summary of both Nest + Google device SW roadmaps
2018-02-21  Google Assistant built-in to Nest Cam IQ indoor
Qty. >21 app or web updates 
Qty. >19 device sw or server-side updates


2017-01 thru 2019-02 totals
Product launches 38
Product Extensions to new countries 13
App updates 30
Device SW updates / server-side updates 38
Country expansions 6 projects with 11 countries
Bundles 14
Promos 34
Internal Dept. projects 18
Other projects 43

Partners: All Nest internal teams, Google Assistant, Google Home teams

Google Glass Image: USPTO US13435944

Title: Google [x] Hardware / Project Aura Wearables: Support Engineer
Roles: Contractor (aka. vendor) at Google [x] working with Support Product Specialist teams. Identify and track issues in hardware and software / internal 'dogfood' programs of products in development / develop new product taxonomies / generate data analysis, weekly reports of dogfood user data  / lead user feedback sessions with Engineering and UX teams / represent dogfood program with project status reporting to cross-functional product software and hardware teams (meetings and project reports)

Project Type: Wearable consumer electronics product development and support (2013-2016), Project Aura, wearables and 6 mos. during 2015 with consumer medical device Liftware team.

Description: “Our Consumer Hardware team researches, designs, and develops new technologies and hardware to make users’ interaction with computing faster, more powerful, and seamless. Whether finding ways to capture and sense the world around us, advancing form factors, or improving interaction methods, our Consumer Hardware team is making people’s lives better through technology.”


Google Clips Camera (development, internal dogfood)
Google Glass Enterprise Edition (support and development 2015)
Liftware (support and support systems development, 2015)
Google Glass Explorer Edition (support and program improvements 2013-2015)
As well as other prototype wearable products

Partners: Google [x] engineering teams

Listed below is an archive and ongoing text list of selected projects I created, worked on with teams, and/or advised.

You can also click here for a curated portfolio

Interaction and User Experience (UX)
Resolution (2012)
MakerFaire@TheTech (2012)
Tsunami Survival Capsule (2012)
Deepsea Challenger (2012)
Mars Rover/Exploration Exhibits (2012)
Pixel (2011)
Digital Foam (2011)
Body Zoom (2011)
Sketch-a-Race (2011)
Less is Moore (2010)
Sand to Silicon (2010)
Binary ON/OFF (2010)
The Tech Awards (multiple exhibits) (2009)
Buy and Cell (2009)

Web Project Manager / Design Community Manager
The Tech Open Source (2010-2012) (2008-2010)

Tech Awards Pattern Library (2012)
Game Design for Geographic Literacy (2007)
Perceiving the Digital Landscape (2001)

Design – Interactive spaces/equipment/signage
Hexagonal Tables (2012)
Triagonal Signage (2012)
Resolution large format signage (2012)
Cisco digital media servers / signage (2012)
NOAA Science on a Sphere (2010)

The Tech Open Source – Museum Exhibition Projects
(as designer and design community manager/mentor)
The Tech Silicon Valley Innovation Gallery (2009-2012)
MakerFaire@TheTech (2012)

Kutxa Ekogunea – Ekogune – Principal Park Exhibition San Sebastian Spain (2012)
Tangible Interactive Data Visualization (2012)
Art and Technology Piece at The Tech Museum (2012)
Design a Challenge (2012)

Walk Through Brain (2011)
A Walk Through Brain Exhibit (2011)
Toilet Science (2011)
The Tech Test Zone (2011)
Science of the City (2011)
Brain Awareness Video Contest (2011)

Microchip Clips Video Contest (2010)
Exhibits About Water (2010)
Places of Invention (2010)
Expolab at Citilab Cornella Barcelona (2010)
Microchip Room (2010)

Program for the Future / Collective Inelligence (2009)
Design a Challenge (2009)

The Tech Awards (2008)
Tech Virtual Test Zone Exhibits (2008)

Startups – Advising
Geopogo (general advising 2018) (statement of work, e-commerce ops estimates 2013)
Science Pop (market research 2013)

Conferences – Organizer
iPhone 360 Series: (Computer History Museum, 2017)
- Putting A New World In Your Hands: The Impact Of The iPhone on Our Economy and Society (10-18)
- Putting Your Finger on it - Creating the iPhone (06-20)
- Computing for the Whole World: Tony Fadell / John Markoff (05-10)
HCI + ISE Human Computer Interaction in Informal Science Education (Ideum, 2013)
Resolution opening / Zero1 Biennial (The Tech Museum, 2012)
Interfaces for the New Decade / Tech Test Zone opening (The Tech Museum, 2011)
Program for the Future II Co-Laboration (The Tech Museum, 2010)
Virtual Worlds at Work (virtual participation/streaming) (SRI, 2009)
Program for the Future (The Tech Museum, 2008)
NASA Virtal Worlds and Immersive Environments (NASA Ames, 2008)
Virtual Worlds Go Mobile SDForum (Nokia, 2008)
SDForum / SVForum multiple events (Pillsbury Law, Nokia, Qualcomm, ATT Foundry 2006-2014)

Conferences – Speaker
Augmented World Expo (2010, 2011, 2012)
Second Life 9th Birthday (2012)
Silicon Valley Innovation Institute (2010)
California Association of Museums  (2010)
Copenhagen Business School (2010)
Tech Soup  (2010)  (2010)
Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe  (2010)
Second Life 7th Birthday (2010)
IBM sponsored Smarter Technology  2010
HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) (2010)
NonProfit Commons  (2010)
Engage Digital (2008)
National University (2010)
Strategic Business Insights (SRI) Virtual Worlds at Work (2010)
Stanford MetaverseU (2007)
NASA Virtual Worlds and Immersive Environments: “Shrinking Space: Designs for Augmented Exploration” (2008)
SFSU – Design and Industry Portfolio Night (2011)
Center for Contemporary Culture Barcelona (CCCB) (2011)
Society of California Archivists (2011)
Second Life Community Convention (2009, 2011)
Museums and the Web (2011, 2012)
Western Museums Association (2010)
National University San Diego Americorps Training (2010)
Silicon Valley Community Leadership Summit (CLSWest) (2009, 2010, 2013)
Girls RISE (Raising Interest in Science and Engineering) Museum Network Online Workshop (2011)
Zero1 Biennial: “Seeking Silicon Valley” Resolution opening (2012)
Center for Contemporary Culture Barcelona (CCCB) “ici Online” (2011)
Virtual Worlds 2007 “Best Practices for Employees in Virtual Worlds” (2007)
Bay Area Future Salon (open mic Future of Music) (2009)
Metaverse U (Stanford University) (2008)
Accelerating Change (2005)

Conferences – Exhibitor
Augmented World Expo (2013)
Augmented Reality Event (2011, 2012)
Museums and the Web (2011)
Association of Science and Technology Centers ASTC (2010) poster
O’Reilly Open Source (OSCON) (2009)
O’Reilly Where 2.0 (2009)
Digital Be-In (2009)
Virtual Worlds 2007 (2007)

“Open Innovation and Open Source: A Guide for Content Developers”
Museums and the Web (2012)

Prototype an Exhibit Using On-line Tools Museums and the Web (2010)

Game Design for Geographic Literacy (2007)

Perceiving the Digital Landscape (2001)
Are cell phone prototypes well suited for the wireless internet? (Contact for link)

Books (published by Studio SFO)
Metaverse Manifesto (2007)
Deeply Privileged by Wayne Ludvickson (2007)
Avatar Fashion Series Volumes 1-7 (2006-2010)

Collaborations and Partnerships
Zigelbaum + Coelho (Zigelbaum) (Coelho)
Zero1 Biennial
University of Adelaide (Australia)
The Tech Museum
Strategic Business Insights (SRI spinoff)
Society for Neuroscience
Simulation Training Systems
Science Museum of Virginia
Science Centre Singapore
San Jose State University
San Francisco State University
Open Exhibits
National University
National Optical Astronomy Observatory
National Geographic GeoBee
Museum Open Source Code and Application Repository (MOSCAR)
Metaverse U
Metaverse Roadmap
Little Bits
Liberty Science Center
Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation
La Mandarina de Newton
Kutxa Ekogunea
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (grant)
International Council of Museums (ICOM)
Innovation Games
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (grant)
Global Women’s Leadership Network
Dr. Toy
Dr. Martens
Digital Be-In
Digital Art International
Design for Science
Computer History Museum
Co-Creating Cultures  - Barcelona
CitiLab Cornella
Chabot Space and Science Center
California Automobile Museum
Cade Museum
BrainStorm Technologies
Buckminster Fuller Institute

SVForum Digital Media SIG
Curated events series – complete list (2006-2014)
Net Neutrality – A Lucid Dream or Reality? An Informal and Formal Panel Discussion – Aug. 21, 2014
Open Mobile Ecosystems – Project Ara and Gigaom Research – June 5, 2014
4G as a Platform – March 12, 2014
2014: The Breakout Year for Wearable Tech? – Jan. 8, 2014
Pinoccio – A Complete Ecosystem for Building the Internet of Things – November 13, 2013
Electric Imp – An Introductory Workshop – Sept. 11, 2013
Rapid Iteration for an Internet of Things – Tempo Automation – July 10, 2013
Kindoma: Bridging Distance Using Shared Family Storytime – May 8, 2013
Xbox LIVE – Moderating Mischief – March 13, 2013
Roblox – Go in and Play – December 11, 2012
Sifteo Cubes and their SDK: Everyday Objects with Interactivity November 14, 2012
Reimagining the SIG Experience Workshop April 23, 2012
ZURB – Rapidly Prototype for Multiple Devices with ZURB Feb. 27, 2012
Daqri – Adding Digital Content to the Physical World Oct. 24, 2011
Social Video Editing: Taking Video Storytelling to the Cloud Aug. 29, 2011
Multi-Touch and Multi-User: A Gestural Interface Workshop June 27, 2011
Hands-on With the YouTube API April 25, 2011
Augmenting Reality with Layar Feb. 28, 2011
Virtual Worlds – What’s Next? Oct. 25, 2010 Aug. 23, 2010
Virtual Worlds Open Forum – Recent Work and Developments April 26, 2010
Metaio Augmented Reality Feb. 22, 2010
Virtual Worlds in 2020 Workshop Oct. 13, 2009
Augmenting Reality and Revenue: Mobile, Sensors, Location and Layers Sept. 9, 2009
Nokia Augmented Reality Aug. 24, 2009
SRI – Designing Effective Learning – Training – Collaboration, June 25, 2009
Open Source Virtual Worlds May 14, 2009
Twofish May 13, 2009
Women at Work in Virtual Worlds, March 23, 2009
Teleplace – Using Virtual Worlds for Remote Collaboration: Demo Jan. 26, 2009
Future of Virtual Worlds Panel Oct. 27, 2008
Entropia Universe Aug. 25, 2008
Virtual Space Entertainment / Blue Mars June 23, 2008
Gaia Online May 5, 2008
Virtual Worlds Go Mobile Feb. 26, 2008
Gemini Mobile Jan. 28, 2008
Future Scenarios Oct. 22, 2007
Seriosity Aug. 27, 2007
Forterra Jun. 25, 2007
CNN Future Summit April 23, 2007
Bruce Damer Mar. 26, 2007
IBM Jan. 22, 2007
Multiverse Oct. 11, 2006
Linden Labs Sept 13, 2006

Most Valuable Ally (Q2 2017) Nest Support
Linden Prize (2010) Linden Lab
New Kid on the Block (2008) SDForum


Press Coverage
Adbusters issue 86:
Ideum blog:
Huffington Post: Interview by Lilia Ziamou
San Francisco State University Acumen Magazine: From Real to Virtual – Transitions in the Workplace
Northwest Meetings and Events: Feature on design of virtual event and meeting spaces (
University of South Australia:



Linden Prize 2010 ($10K prize for most innovative work in virtual worlds)


Local Silicon Valley Coverage / Virtual World SIG
DJCline: Gemini Mobile – eXplo mobile communities Jan. 28, 2008
DJCline:Future of Virtual Worlds Panel Oct. 22, 2007
DJCline: Virtual Worlds 2007 San Jose Oct 11, 2007
DJCline: Virtual Worlds 2007 San Jose Oct. 10, 2007
DJCline: Virtual Worlds 2007 San Jose Oct. 10, 2007
DJCline: Forterra Systems “Behind the Firewall” June 28, 2007
DJCline: Bruce Damer – Virtual Worlds Timeline March 26, 2007
DJCline: Crossing the Chasm from the Internet – Virtual Worlds Go Mobile Feb. 26, 2007
DJCline: Crossing the Chasm from the Internet – Virtual Worlds Go Mobile Feb. 26, 2007
DJCline: IBM at Virtual World SIG Jan. 24, 2007

The formation of SVForum Virtual World Special Interest Group (SIG) in 2006 coverage was also carried by Yahoo News, Publicity Insider, PRNewswire, Texas Cable News, Ventura County Star, and other outlets.


List of funded projects

Authored the main funding document:
Knight Foundation – Zero1 Art Festival installation/workshops – $10,000 funded for exhibit/program
Private funder – The Tech Test Zone – Confidential amount funded for exhibits (also served as Curator/”PI”)
Linden Prize award – for outstanding work (Tech Open Source project) – $10,000 prize winner
Sunpower Corporation – “Polly Positron” online project – Confidential amount funded for program (also served as manager/Principal Investigator)
Intel – Microchip room project – Confidential amount funded for exhibits

Contributed concepts and content: – Open Source component/platform concept of “Smart Museum” – $750,000 funded
La Mandarina de Newton (Barcelona Spain) – “Science of the City” – $100,000 funded (EU) for program/exhibition
CCCB Barcelona – “Collaborative Design for Cultural Institutions” – $10,000 funded for conference

Contributed content and letters in partnership with Principal Investigators:
NSF – Human-Computer Interaction with Informal Science Education (HCI-ISE) – Conference organizer
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation – Tech Open Source – Two no cost grant extensions

Negotiated and secured content contributions from corporate partners:
Interfaces for the New Decade 2011 conference (Intel, Simiosys, others)
The Tech Test Zone (university and corporate content partners)
Program for the Future 2010 (SUN Microsystems, others)
Tech Virtual Online Training 2009 (multiple partners)
Program for the Future 2008 (Adobe, others)
Qualcomm – corporate sponsorship of ongoing meeting space for – “SVForum Digital Media SIG” (professional group)

Authored final reports / final grant deliverables:
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation – The Tech Open Source – $1.5M program completion and reports for foundation and industry


Selected Testimonials

Goolge Nest 2019
"I just wanted you to know I was super excited when I learned that you were going to maintain this [tracker]  resource for Google products as well (or at least try to). I also wanted to say how much I really appreciate this tool! Thanks for working to keep it up to date." Google Program Manager 2019-02-08

This is an awesome doc! It's so well thought out and clear. As always, your communications and tracking docs are comprehensive, clear, timely. Your meeting has been extremely helpful and informative. - Google Tech Writers Manager 2019-02-21 / 03-06 / 03-26

"Your meetings are so useful because you go into much more detail than other meetings" - Google Training Program Manager 2019-02-05

Nest 2017-2019

"I'd like to give a big thank you to Bob for all of his leadership driving this project through the [new program introduction group] process and working with all manner of teams in Ops and Finance to get this project launched. Excellent work!"  - Nest Head Support Engineering and Quality 2018-08-28

"Where's the love button? Like isn't strong enough. Thank you!!!" - Technical Writer 2018-08-28

"Thanks Bob! It's been a pleasure working with you and I'm sure we will cross paths in the future in this big Google world :)" - Google Finance Manager  2018-07-03

"I believe this is the smoothest launch I've ever been involved with" - Nest Sustaining Support Engineer  2018-10-18

"And thank you guys- this is an awesome release and we appreciate everyone being buttoned up on it." - Nest Program Manager 2018-08-24

"Thank you to everyone involved, and special shout-outs to Bob Ketner" - Google Program Manager 2018-04-03

"We are so fortunate to have you on our team!" - Director, Nest Support  2018-09-27

"working with you is awesome...just saying" - Google Launch Program Manager

"+++++1!!! Congratulations, all, and HUGE shout-out to Bob for driving this to launch!"  - Google Program Manager 2018-08-28

"+1, kudos to all involved with a huge shoutout to RobK, [and other team members] for helping see this through - this is indeed a win-win for Nest!" - Google Supply/Demand Planner  2018-08-28

"Thanks for all your work on this [accessories store], Bob." - Director, Google Hardware 2018-06-22

"Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how thankful I am for you. Not only for all of your work managing the accessories store..., but also for being SUCH a great partner to the [new initiatives] team, process, and programs. The support team is lucky to have you, and I'm fortunate enough to get to work with you. Keep up the great work!" - Google Program Manager  2018-05-07

The accessories store will continue to reduce customer support costs and unlocks an opportunity for Nest to offer an increased number of accessories that solve a variety of issues for customers.

Thank you to everyone involved, and special shout-outs to Bob Ketner, [his manager] and the Store team. This program wouldn't be possible without you. - Google Program Manager  2018-04-03

On Nest x Yale Lock launch: "guys this was an awesome job on putting in all the detail here [in this tracking sheet], thank you very much" - Nest Operations Manager  2018-03-02

"The UAE program required critical thinking and coordination between multiple internal and external stakeholders. Each of you showed up day after day, week after week, to ensure that Nest and our customers were set up for success from day 1. I appreciate each of your attention to detail, ability to articulate and resolve the issues that arose, and overall growth mindset. It is a pleasure to work on a project with a team as solid as ya'll. Thanks for all the hard work and have a great weekend knowing that Nest is able to impact more people in an entirely new part of the work because of your hard work." - Nest Program Manager 2018-02-23

"This team's ability to continue to round out the Nest product portfolio internationally is essential to growing our strategic footprint. Thanks to everyone involved for bringing these products to our customers in the UAE. " - Nest Program Manager 2018-05-01

"Thank you for kicking a** and staying on top of these [FAQ'S]" - Nest Internal Knowledge Base Writer 2018-01-10

"In the Go-to-Market meetings, everyone relies on Bob Ketner's organization skills" - Google Program Manager 2017-12-21

"The Product Quality/Field Trial Briefing for Support meeting is the most helpful meeting for the Nest agent knowledge base (KB)." - Nest Program Manager 2017-12-20

"We should all use that doc [what is being announced] , we should all be aligned" - Nest Program Manager 2017-08-24

"He goes beyond simply attending the sessions and updating slides, he advocates for the needs of his team so that support can answer every question asked to them by end customers. I was particularly impressed when he thoughtfully stood up in front of the team and called attention to the need for a marketing content walk-through so his team could have eyes on everything that end-customers see, so they can respond to every detail that consumers are exposed to. With so many deadlines, it’s easy to passively participate, but Bob goes above and beyond in anticipating the needs of his team and ensuring that the cross-functional team delivers. Please let him know how valuable he’s been to this project and [the product's] success moving forward." - Nest Launch Program Manager 2017-08-21

"Nice note Robert, thanks for making the partnership thing work well. - Nest Head of Product Quality 2017-08-14

"Your meeting [yesterday] was absolutely stellar" - Nest Partner Manager 2017-06-23

"Bob is awesome" - Nest Technical Writer 2018-04-19

Google Hardware 2016-11

“It was awesome working with you!!” – Google UX Researcher

“Its been nice working with you BOB! All the very best for your future endeavors.” – Google QA Engineer

“Sorry to see you go Bob, the last few weeks working with you have been great.” – Google Program Manager

“It was always a pleasure working with you on [product in development]. Best of luck on whatever the future has in store for you!” – Google Human Factors Researcher

“What a loss for Aura & Google [that you’re leaving]. Wishing you all the very best. You were amazing to work with.” – Google Sales Program Manager

“Thanks for all you’ve done on the team!” – Google Hardware Program Manager

“Thanks so much for all your help ramping up on [product in development] and distribution! Good luck on your next adventure.” – Google Hardware Program Manager

“Best of luck in your future endeavors, Bob. It was a pleasure working with you.” – Google Software Engineer

“I will miss working with you!” – Google User Experience Researcher

“I’m sad to see you go, Bob!” – Google Product Specialist

“Bob, you’ve been amazing from day one.” – Google Support Manager

“It was wonderful working with you Bob! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors.” – Google Product Specialist

This list is continually being updated. If something is missing please click here to contact me directly